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JerMann 09-12-2010 08:46 AM

Just joined, DIY 7-year owner of 1926 house
Hi all,

I just joined so I could post a question about skim coating my ceiling and a problem I encountered.

If this forum works well for me I will certainly post more questions, and try to add my 2 to the mix as well. In 7 years of trying to upkeep our 1926 Tudor-style home I have had a lot of questions and learned a few tricks too. I am a photographer, but since I am freelance I have enough extra time to save us money on home repairs and upkeep. This is on the job training with a steep learning curve!

I am dedicated to preserving our house's original intergrity as it was never remodeled in a way that made it modern. We have the original steam boiler, and are retrofitting it to efficient controls, instead of tearing it out. We have the original storm windows and I am continuing to switch them out every spring and fall with the original full-window screens. In general, we think the old-school homes had a lot going for them and we intend to keep it original, as much as is practical.

As you can probably tell we are in the cold weather zone, specifically, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and inner-ring suburb of Cleveland. It is a beautiful city, with beautiful early-20th century homes.

Thanks for listening, now of to post my bubbly skim coat question!


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