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Joe's entry to DIY - The architect's perspective

Hi I'm relatively new to DIY. So far my experience with responses has been 50-50, some really appreciating my replies, others unusually rude and hostile. I'm from Melbourne, Australia, way down under, and I know how people in the northern hemisphere tend to look down on the "southpaws", but we can take it.

I'm a retired architect, with over 45 years experience and in all sorts of situations, doing private, commercial and government work. I also do a lot of my own handiwork, mainly as a reason to know how other trade people perform and to know if they completed a good job.

I have read many of the posts, and it seems the majority focus on one-off situations requiring a little bit of intuition to kick start a project. There are many experts out there who will provide advice much better than me on how to do things.

What I think I can contribute, is the architect's perspective, that is, good design, compliance with codes, safety of construction, contractural matters and legal implications and dispute resolution. Plus I can usually draw on experience and state actual cases where the project failed or succeeded. Cheers everyone, from the land of OZ (that's Australia, the big land down under, not the Wizard of OZ). Joe


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Welcome to the site. I have seen many questions on this site seeking the advice of an architect. I'm sure your input will be highly valued here.


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Ask an architect

Thank you for the warm welcome. As a newbie, I'm not exactly sure how other people can direct their posts to me if they want an architectural perspective on their problem. Time will resolve this no doubt.

Disclaimer: I state clearly, that I give advice freely but has no legal comeback, and people need to confirm the advice with local architects if they feel it may be incorrect. Having said that, I don't recall ever making a wrong decision or given incorrect advice in the past 45 years.

Thank you, cheers from OZ. Joe.
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Having said that, I don't recall ever making a wrong decision or given incorrect advice in the past 45 years.
I don't think I have ever met an Architect that thought otherwise.

Just yanking your chain southpaw.

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I joined today as well and plan on asking many questions going foward. I have a 1940's bungalow I'm very slowly working on. Any advice in response to my future questions will be greatly appreciated. It has been quite the journey.
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Joining the "club"

Hi Andygump. my chain has been yanked a few times over the years I can tell you. You know, when an architect is faced with a decision likely to cost money, and the item is not clearly specified or shown on the drawings, there used to be a catch all clause buried in the general clauses in extremely fine print which went something like this:

And God created the architect, who shall reign over all hapless builders in full measure, and woe befall the hapless builder who dares challenge the ruling from on high, such builder shall be damned to eternal darkness, unpaid and unfed. (that's not really true)

Another way this clause was actually included was:

Even if the architect makes a mistake and doesn't specify something, the hapless builder shall understand that he must do and make good, even if he hasn't allowed for it, as the builder should know all about and how to build things.

If this didn't work, there was a lot of shouting and gnashing of teeth and sometimes pieces of 4"x2"' were brought out and put on the table, just in case the problem wasn't resolved.

Ahh! These were the dreams of youth or when the architect was in La La land. As if life was really that simple. I digress, Cheers from OZ.
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Welcome to the Site !


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