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wbwill 02-16-2013 03:25 PM

I hope I have followed the instructions and examples correctly. I am hoping this ends up in the introduction section and not out of place.

I did put a little blurb on my profile, and can get more detailed as we need to get.

I have over thirty years experience of electrical motors and related devices from mechanical to electrical, connections, installs, performance issues, AC three phase, single phase, DC, combination, generators, welders, transformers, obsolete, antiques, new, phase convertors, frequency speed modulation, drives, pretty much anything including the mechanical areas which can be very confusing to determine if a balance or vibration issue is mechanically excited or electrically or both.

Please feel free to contact me on any subject involving electrical motors or devices, gearboxes, we deal with it all, from fractional to power plant type equipment, sleeve or plain bearings, ball or anti friction bearings, Babbitt Bearings, parts, work arounds, whatever the issue glad to offer what I can.

joecaption 02-16-2013 03:35 PM

There's people all the time posting motor questions.
Just do not turn your replys into an ad and everything will be fine.
That's for adding your location to your profile.:)

wbwill 02-16-2013 05:36 PM

Very Well
I do a ton of volunteering, and really have nothing to advertise that would work nationwide, I do run into some very intelligent people along the way, and enjoy that, and the idea I could help someone resolve a problem no one else could is satisfying in it's own right, It asked the name of my business and I put it there, was I not to do that?

You will find no ads in the bodies of anything ever, so no problem with that, and I am needing help from time to time also, I have mixed emotions on DIY electrical and if the questioner just does not seem savvy in that regard I often refer them to a professional of their choice in their area and explain why sometimes a fee, although it may seem expensive or costly, is actually less expensive and more cost effective in the long run, have any problems with any wording I use, just let me know, very easy to get along with, I will figure out how to look up motor questions right now I am taking a forced break from allexperts I need some painting help badly and am told this is the place to go, the real experts hang here and I need a real one. Appreciate the heads up.

joecaption 02-16-2013 06:28 PM

We tell DIY's all the time they need a pro. Some just go off the deep end and insist this is a DIY site and we should tell them how to do it.
Oh well.

wbwill 02-16-2013 06:45 PM

Oh well
unfortunately oh well is an acceptable and rational response to these things for the sake of one's own sanity

I did have a kid first time home owner who I just had a soft spot for, his AC condensing unit and fan unit having problems, young and broke and insisted he could fix the problem, it was a challenge but the kid did it, I lost a bit of hair but fortunately I still have a head full so it was not a big deal,

The self titled inventors who insist on these damn flywheel perpetual motion machines are without a doubt the worst, there is no explaining that the power from a generator is not created but changed, and the power needed to push one magnet through an opposing magnetic field takes a lot of power dependent on the size of the magnets, but "it is stlll putting out voltage" I know I know I know, but the voltage is lacking balls for lack of a better term, yet a bigger flywheel maybe two, maybe a dozen, oh well

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