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Cheeto 12-11-2010 08:58 AM

Intro to Cheeto
I'm new to the site obviously. I came across it while researching some info for a plumbing problem I'm having right now. Forums have helped me in other areas such as cars and music so why not for DIY projects. I'm young and starting out a new chapter of my life with my family and our 1st. house we purchased a year and a half ago. It's about 55 years old so it seems like one thing after another. I work for a well known and renown chemical plant down here where I live, and my wife goes to school full time. Needless to say with one income money is tight but we are young and will look back at this as a memory one day. My Grandpa was a huge inspiration to me growing up and I have always strived to be as good as him with my hands. I can pretty much tackle anything and figure it out on my own, but occassionally I need help when stepping into something new. I always try to fix things myself for one it saves money that we don't have right now, and two I can't stand not being able to figure something out and eventually get good at it. I appreciate any support I get from you guys on the site, and if I can help in any way my hand is extended. Thanks for checkin out the intro and have a rockin day!

DangerMouse 12-11-2010 09:57 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I think building my own house has been like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle.... with half the pieces missing... so you have to make them yourself. It's been experience..... for sure.


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