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Chickylala 09-09-2011 04:56 PM

Hi fellow DIYers!
I'm a DIYer in full swing.

I closed on a older house (1959) in May of 2010 and that night ripped down the dark paneling from the walls in the living room down to the studs. I have been in remodel mode ever since.

I have my two upper bedrooms completed and the loft music studio just needs baseboard. So I have been making progress.

Currently my kitchen is gutted. Layout is different lighting, double oven, cook top dishwasher all moved.

After scrapping all the glue off the walls that was holding up the plastic tiles, I wasn't even sure the plaster walls were going to be fix able. I am skimcoating the walls and surprized how good they are turning out! Want to get the new cabinets by early Oct. and I still need to get a floor underlayment laid and the flooring down. Kitchen functioning by Christmas for sure, is my goal.

Texturing the living room ceiling where the previous owner patched is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Tore out the brick and I installed granite tile on the face of the fireplace. I am excited to design and build the Mantle but I must get my kitchen DONE before I go there.

I have two bathrooms to remodel after the kitchen and living room are done. Then the third bedroom. I think I will taking a break to do some serious snowmobiling if we get the snow they are predicting.

I didn't get out on the Jet skis enough this summer. MUST find time to PLAY.

ANYWAY . . . . That is where I am at.

m1951mm 09-09-2011 06:38 PM

Since the snow has not hit yet we may see you around for a few weeks (hoping for months:thumbup:) the snow, NOT you. You, we are glad to see!!!!!!!! Go luck with all the work instore and Congrats for what you have already gotten done. You wont find a better group of people on the internet so willing to help with all those fix ups.

See You Around!!!!!!!!

Chickylala 09-09-2011 10:09 PM

THANKS for the Welcome
Thanks Mickey - My hurdle right now is how to correctly get rid of the range hood exhaust completely, not to be replaced.

Any help would be appreciated. :huh:

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