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GrandmaStormy 02-28-2009 01:18 AM

Hi everybody!
I'm a teacher and former lawn service owner. Although I can watch TV and read with the best of them, my big thing is projects. If I don't have something in the works I feel lost. Hard work is my tranquilizer. If I'm angry or frustrated, I dig, weed, split wood, paint, plant, or something. Sometimes I get neck deep in a project and find myself in big trouble. My hubby is the type that would rather leave things alone unless they are completely broken. Then he hires someone to fix or replace it.

I know my physical limitations, but still challenge them on a regular basis. My last project was trying to paint a very very high stairwell - walls and ceiling - I almost killed myself! I eventually hired a professional who had the right equipment. After watching him do the work, I could probably do it myself the next time, however, by then I'll be about 65 or 70 years old - :laughing:

I hope I can advise a little in lawn and garden stuff and maybe help a few people decide what they can and cannot attempt to do themselves.

I want to thank all of the experts, in advance, for the time you spend helping us DIYers!


Attitude is the paint that colors our lives.

gma2rjc 02-28-2009 08:35 AM

Welcome to the forum GrandmaStormy!

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