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MRT323 01-17-2011 11:48 AM

Hi from Duluth, MN
Hello All: I am a middle aged married guy who has just finished a 16 year project restoring a 107 year old house. My child bride jsut decided we needed to do more so we just bough a run down beat up 1965 split entry with no heat or water working. In MN it is about 4 above right now and not the best for working. So I ran across this site and thought it would be a great palce to chat and or vent.


concretemasonry 01-17-2011 12:06 PM

Welcome to the site from a native Minnesotan.

I see you use the modern spelling of "Duluth" instead of the old two word French name or the local pronunciation of "Dulut". That is what we called it when I lived north on the "Iron Rainch" (Virginia). Went there many times for day, but even to the Twin Cities for a weekend.

There some great classic old homes/mansions there, so if it was 107 years ols it wasn't to far from Lake Superior. I suspect your split entry is up on the high country where it can be 20 degrees warmer than the lakefront on some days in the summer, but will see colder weather in the winter. I look forward to spring fishing for steelhead and trout (later) after the smelt run, if it there really is one.

Great place to be and a lot of interesting history and construction. If you can do a restoration of a 107 year old home, doing a modern split level should be easier. Since it easy to remove the trashy construction. At least the joists on the newer one will have some sort of uniform spacing and be soft wood.

As you well know, weather is really a state of mind.


Scuba_Dave 01-17-2011 10:58 PM

Welcome to the site !

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