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greenhorn oo1 11-25-2010 06:11 PM

Hi guys,

I used to be a carpenter but the last bunch of years I've been an auto technician (fancy term for grease monkey).

Anyway just thought I'd introduce myself before I start a thread asking for charity.

Im 31 years old and as I said used to be a carpenter. Loved it. Something different all the time.

dont know what else to say.

Im not really here for myself. Ya see, I was checking out Craigslist today and noticed an add from a broke woman in desperate need of roofing tin. Im a member of a few guitar forums and the members there are real helpful and I thought maybe carpenter forums will be just as helpful.

This woman is in desperate need of roof tin to cover the heads of her children. She doesnt care what color or anyting. She just needs a roof for her kids.

I was just hoping that some upstate NY local carpenters/contractors would see this and have a piece or two of tin that they could spare for this poor woman.
Just one or two pieces.

:// (just add the "Http" at the beginning without the quotation marks.

If your interested or know someone who is interested in helping this woman with a free piece of roofing tin you can find her on New York Craigslist, the city is Plattsburgh. The tittle of the add is: Desperately Seeking Tin for roof (PLEASE HELP) .

Sorry to join up and start begging for charity in probably the wrong section but Im on dial up and it takes forever for this thing to load and Im just trying to help this poor lady.

Thank you for your time.


greenhorn oo1 12-10-2010 03:42 PM

Bump for a mother of 3 that needs roof tin.

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