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Oliver126 12-05-2010 11:56 PM

Hello from NYC
My name's Oliver, I've recently inherited the house my parents had built in 2002, and am looking to offer lots of TLC to the dwelling that's housed me on and off for the last 9 years.

My experience mostly stems from spending my highschool summers working as a helping hand to various contractors. Which somehow led to my current career as a property manager. I haven't actually done contracting type work on properties for close to 7 years. But am trying to get back to it to spend my free time working on my own home.

I started first on simple things, like re-caulking everything from windows, to bathroom, and kitchen. Adding lubrication to notchy locks, hinges, etc.. Replaced 2 faucets that were starting to leak. Changed to programmable thermostats, which aside from utilities savings also updated the look of the house w/ its large touchscreen, and white back lighting.

Then i got to my bathroom, where I was stumped by a one piece toilet, where seat threads were hidden. Got that taken care of thanks to all the help I got from this forum.

My next project will be the attic, which my mother recalls the contracting company becoming quite angry finishing the house, claiming they could not meet original costs they gave us. Thus certain corners were cut as we found out over the years where they cheaped out exactly. The attic will be the largest project I've undertaken thus far on this house, but thanks to my experiences w/ this forum so far, I'm fairly confident it'll turn out for the best!

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