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Daggerhart 06-08-2008 07:33 PM

Hello in Kernersville, NC
Hello All,
My wife and I just bought our first home two months ago. We searched for literally two years to find the perfect home for us, a 1985 stick-built, all-brick home of around 2000 square feet. The house is in immaculate condition, but nonetheless, we will be doing some renovations over the course of the next few years for comfort's sake. These will include 3 relatively non-destructive projects:

-Repainting of all interior walls
-Painting over wood-stained floor and ceiling trim, as well as chair rails
-Taking up most (or all) carpet, laying down hardwood and laminates (laminates in the dog room, less scratching)

And then several high-stress jobs that I imagine will test my willpower and endurance!

-Complete renovation of the master bath, including an expansion into the current laundry facilities, new cabinets, floors, paint, removal of current shower/tub, addition of a garden tub and tile shower, relocation of toilet, relocation of door into bathroom.

-Addition of bonus room "Manspace" (as my wife calls it) behind garage, which will require at the least, some major leveling-type landscaping, and new foundation in the backyard area. Room will be soundproofed as well, as it will be a music room.

-Addition of sunroom/laundryroom on back of house behind kitched, moving an external door (which I have no ideas how this will work?!?!), remodeling of entryway from current kitchen into sunroom space.

I hope to use this site for all kinds of resources. My father was a carpenter, then contractor for twenty-six years before retiring as a part-time, small-church pastor recently, so I will be getting much advice from him, but I want to definitely do this right, so I will be using advice here as well, and professional help.

The house is unfortunately on a slab, which is going to cause all kinds of hell when it comes time for plumbing in the baster bath. Hopefully we will be able to figure that out.

Hope to be talking to you guys a lot over the next few years!


AtlanticWBConst. 06-09-2008 06:21 AM

Hi and Welcome to the site. Congratulations on the purchase of your home as well.

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