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MrShadetree0222 10-04-2008 12:02 AM

Hello, and good evening folks!
Hello, and good evening folks! Just thought i woul dpost and introduce myself to the forum, I am John, and i am working on a 1921 Sears-Robuk, home that was ordered in 1921, delivered and assembled in 1922! This home is one in 22 That survied the big flood in my region in 1961.
I purchased the home from a hack-remodeler-wanna-be that didnt have a clue what in the world he was doing, been after him for over a yr to sell me the house, and he wouldnt budge and sell thinking he had a goldmine after the remodel was going to be complete!
Well i finally the old boy to conside rthe deal as he had a bunch hack-wanna-be remodelers in their destroying the house, and defacing its true beuty for what it was/is! They were running the plumbing to dump in the storm cellar under the kitchen, the electrical wiring was not only unsafe but illegal as heck, and had shingles on upside down, yes i swear upside down.
So i went back to the guy, and said how much, he said check back in 6mnths and he woudl sell! i dont want it when it is destroyed (finished in his opinion) I want it right now in its current state...... get your contractors out of it right now! today how much the way it sits minus your contractors tools! After taking him on a tour of his house and showing him all the illegal and unsafe things the contractors were doing to his house he agreed to stop the remodel and sell!
Well purchased the home for $44,000.00 adn after 6 mnths of very hard grusem blood-sweat-and-tears, i have a beautiful 1921 sear-robuk catalog ordered home. Now valued at $105,000!!!!
all work done by myself, a complete gut out was in order! Nothing left standing but the original structural design of the home( and the brand new heatign and cooling system: thats why i am here visiting DIY)
now the home was sold to me with a brand spanking new goodman forced air heating and cooling system installed which i left in place and operated till today! But this unit either wasnt big enough or design or smething was and or is definatly wrong with this unit it should not cost $400.-750. month to heat a 1975 sgft house! this is absolutely crazy! So i kne wtheir was aproblem! After bringing out a hvac tech an dlearning that the "brand new heating and cooling system i was sold with the house is infact an auxillary heating with full time air unit! this unit was designed and built for a different region then what i live in this unit shoudl be in texas or florida or somethign liek that where it doint get cold liek it does here! Now dont get me wrong the air conditioning on this system was awesome not to mentiuon very cheap to operate, we cooled to a tem,p of 68' at a cost of $110. mnth fo relctric, but heat was crazy again at $400.-750. dolars a mnth to heat with!

So i have just purchased a used, 92000 btu goodman heat and air unit, after doing some research i do believe that the unit will be more then sufficeint enough to cover my house! So right now it is just the works of punching a new whole in the side of the house where the new unit is to be installed , removing the old system, and relocating the duct work which is as far as i got today, before i had to quit! So if i run into any problems during install over the next few days i do hope i can get some help here from you fine folks!

Termite 10-04-2008 09:09 AM

Welcome to DIY Chatroom. Holler if you need any help...Lots of fine folks here willing to give it.

MrShadetree0222 10-04-2008 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by thekctermite (Post 168160)
Welcome to DIY Chatroom. Holler if you need any help...Lots of fine folks here willing to give it.

Thank you for the offer i will surely need it before i am done i am sure!

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