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leftoverjoe 06-02-2006 03:12 PM

Hello DIY people - just introducing myself
Hi everyone,
I thought I would drop in here and introduce myself. I'm from Ohio, 29 years old, not too experienced in the home renovation game, but I have tons of art experience. I'm working on renovating and redecorating each room of a condo, one at a time. This looked like a great place to exchange ideas, get advice, etc., so here I am...

I have a blog that I am using to chronicle all of my experiences along the way; the link to it is in my signature below. Hopefully by the time I am done with all of the projects I'll have a learned a lot, added value to the home, and have met some cool people.

See you around!

slickshift 06-02-2006 03:53 PM

Hey Joe
This is a great place to exchange ideas
Nice blog you got there
A word of advice before you go faux, beware the Behr
Please consider a better quality paint for your project, I guarantee it will go quicker, easier, and look better when you are done
Everything you need can be matched by a local paint shop
It will be more money for materials, but it will save you lots of time and headaches...lots
And it will look better


leftoverjoe 06-02-2006 04:10 PM

Hi Slickshift,
Thanks for the you know off hand if there is a similar product from a competitor? The main reason I was thinking about going with the Behr Bellagio stuff is that is has the plaster and extra pigment mixed right in. Is it just better to go with a higher quality paint and do the plaster texture myself?

I do have experience with some plaster-type finishes, but I thought this product might be a simpler process...also my girlfriend loved the look of the color samples. :)

Thanks for the blog comment. I just hope I can keep up with it and actually make it a useful exercise. Maybe someone else will be in my position and can find a lot of good info in one place as they are starting out.

slickshift 06-02-2006 07:13 PM

I don't do a lot of faux myself (I don't offer it as a service anymore, but can/have do/done it) but from my experience with the products and what I've seen you would be better to go with the higher quality paint

I'm not familiar enough with the products to suggest something off-hand
I'd suggest the local Ben Moore or Sherwin Williams dealer

They can match anyones samples, that's not a problem

The Ben Moore site has a color viewer you can use, it's supposed to have faux in it (I haven't checked)
They may have d-loadable software so you can use your own pictures too

BM DIY Faux link

SWP DIY Faux link

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