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Mattme123 08-06-2012 10:03 PM

Hello from Central PA
Hey everyone. Long time lurker finally posting. I've been following a few builds in the project showcase board and now it's about time for me to start mine.

Just some info on me. I'm 27 yeas old. I have been working as an electrician since I was 18 years old. I am a really hands on kind of guy and like to research everything I do. I just recently bought a 10 year old bi-level house with my girlfriend. The past homeowner didn't care much for updating or up keeping the house so I am here to save it.

Our first projects were painting the living room/hallway/stairwell and our bedroom. Since we were ready to move in and both working I hired a friend who has his own painting company to come in and paint these rooms. The living room was painted a boring beige but with a nice chocolate brown accent wall. The bedroom was painted a grey purple color to go with the girlfriends idea for a black and white themed bedroom. Purple is her accent color.

Recently I removed the moulding the previous HO installed. All the baseboard and casing was removed by them to install hardwood floors and they replaced it with 1x4 pine boards. Nothing was miterd or cut square. It looked terrible. I replaced it with some nice standard casing and 4" baseboard white MDF. It already makes the house look much more updated.

My next project is the basement. It is like a lot of bilevels I've seen with a large "rumpus" room. It's not quite a living room its too big and awkward to be a bedroom, we are completely unsure what to do with this enormous empty room. I suggested a bar/home theater. That idea was shot down. She wants to leave it open for a playroom for our future kids.

Thanks for taking your time to read my introduction.

AtlanticWBConst. 08-07-2012 10:27 AM

Hello and Welcome to the DIY Chatroom.

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