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Jeff_of_all_Trades 01-16-2008 03:06 PM

Hello all, new to this site
I just thought I would introduce myself. Just as the name implies, I am knowledgeable in many areas of construction along with many years experience to back it up. I have never been to "school" for any of it. I mainly read books to get the basics, as an apprentice or helper working with contractors to gain "tricks of the trade" and then applying that combination in the field.
I have worked for the same construction company for 10 years. We've (or should I say "I" most of the time) done basement remodels, kitchens, baths, room additions, roofs, framing, siding, as well experience in concrete-site prep, grading, forming, finishing. Electrical and plumbing. Never done foundation work- but I would love to learn LOL
We specialize in commercial work and installations though. We have done "chain" stores and right now we are doing handicap compliance on one of those national chains ( Not sure if I should mention which one, so I won't at this time LOL) This includes creating accessible routes from parking to the customer restroom- all points of egress in between. We strip H/C parking, curb ramps and landings, widen doors and make sure all those restroom accessories and fixtures are at the right heights and distance as well as meet all manuervering spaces. I would happy to answer any questions on this subject but all I know is the national code. With the exception of Florida, I doubt your state, county or city code would differ much.
My wife and I bought this 100 year old farm house 10 years ago. Our house is always under construction- or should i say- restoration. We love wood and this house has plenty of it throughout- wide 5"window and door trim with 3 piece headers to 10" base made also of 3 pieces. We have removed walls and done some reconfiguring but we save every board foot taken off, striped and then conditioned and placed back in the new configuration. I copy all the details right back into all new work just to preserve its originality. We don't worry about nics and scratches- theres a history there.
I have also torn down barns from people who no longer wanted them. I do this the old way though- board by board in reverse order that it was put up. You will never be able to buy this kind of quality wood from any yard today.
In my little spare time I trying to learn Auto-Cad. I normally did drafting and plans by hand, but you know times gotta change sometime LOL
Well, I think that about covers it.

Sammy 01-16-2008 05:56 PM

Welcome Jeff!

My comapny does a LOT of national chain stores from the physical security side..

And we dabble in the ADA stuff everybody seems to forget about til the inspection.

I rememeber getting old barn boards what had the raised grain at the landfill..

That stuff is worth a fortune!

You dont have a brother named Jack do you?

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