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WillK 08-29-2010 08:34 AM

Hi, my name is Will. Currently, I'm working on a house we bought less than a month ago. We bought it on land contract at $25000 in a nice area in Michigan (suburb of Detroit), so it was an exceptionally low price to pay for a house, but of course you do get what you pay for. That aside, I'm an engineer working in th automotive industry by profession and experienced with DIY home everything and car everything.

The current house was chosen because we want to finally actually own a home, rather than pay on a loan without ever getting anywhere with equity... This is our third house, the first we took out equity to remodel before our first child was born then lost it when I lost my job and had to move for another job and house prices dropped. The second we bought new and after 3 years the payments didn't keep up with the dropping value, close on a short sale, but apparently for the purposes of getting a mortgage if you get a short sale, whether you're $5000 short or $50000, doesn't matter. No loss, I'm glad to be out of the system I guess.

So anyway, current project. Before we move in, I'm replacing roofing, including replacement of undersized sagging rafters over dormers, I've pulled down lath and plaster in upstairs bedroom ceilings, I'll be insulating, redoing leaking plumbing (including leaking gas supply pipes in the crawl space), and adding support beams in the crawl space (pier and beam construction). Longer term, we plan on having a foundation poured and tearing off the second floor to put in a full second floor. And many various other smaller projects, like kitchen cabinets and flooring

Eventually I may have time for restoration projects on my 1956 Mercury Monterey 4-door sedan, 1955 Mercury Monterey station wagon and 1955 Mercury Montclair Sun Valley.

pioneerurban 08-31-2010 02:45 AM

Hi Will! :)

Since you're a car guy as me, I may look you up for questions on my 1993 Camaro Z.28.

Currently having problems trying to figure out why my ABS says it's non op.... It stops fine, just don't have the ABS as I should.



vegaschk 09-01-2010 11:46 AM

Good luck with the new house...what a bargain

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