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frankieb9 02-12-2006 09:50 AM

Greetings from NYC
Hello all:

Just started reading this site---GREAT---started looking for ideas about saving electric usage--NYC is now up to 21 cents KWH---last months bill
was 250.00 and its not even air conditioner season yet. Heat with
natural gass ( hot water radiators/ boiler ) and now thats up to
about 250 per month---WOW---

How great it was that we allowed the feds to "privatize" our public
utilities---competition brings the price down--remember---wow
did we play the fools---this is the domestic version of weapons of mass
distruction. Thats right -- I forgot --- its all bin Laden's fault.
Boy are we the fools

slickshift 02-14-2006 07:58 AM

Hi frankieb9
Boy I just moved to Cape Cod, and it's crazy for utlities up here
I got my first electric bill
It was high, but then there's another bill from ConEd
My electic company charges me 120% of the actual ConEd bill to supply the juice from ConEd

Now wait...isn't ConEd down near you?
That's the closest place to get electricity?
It cost more to "ship" it to me than the juice itself?
Man I don't know what's up with that....

Anyway, welcome to the site

am_miller 02-25-2006 01:19 PM

Hi there Frankie. I'm from Brooklyn myself :)

Woodpecker 04-02-2007 11:17 PM

Ayy you come from Brooklyn, I come from Brooklyn, fuggedabouddit!!
Hi guys,
I have a few good tips for lowering the gas bills and electric bills. I started using nightlights everwhere, I us them in all of my rooms,and hallways maybe 2 or 3 of them in a room, they add a nice mood lighting and, glow along with atmosphere, as well... I also use candles everwhere, they look lovely, (the little tea lights),or even better larger ones they last longer, and the nice thing is they are inexpensive, and believe it or not they take the chill out of the air, really! ( kinda like the way a fire place works, but on a smaller scale I purchased 100 tealights for 3.99. not bad huh, I have lowered my electric bill by 50% doing this, and even saved on my heating bill. it really makes a difference, Next I am going to insulate everything and caulk too :yes:

Another thing is Rugs and heavy draperies in the winter that helps enormously if yor windows are drafty, and if thats the case the plastic shrink wrap really helps to,I didn't do this But, I almost wished I did, it was freezing this winter. Any night lights i use are usually 5 or 7 watts, and I checked it out I have about 10 if these and if you do the math its 50 watts to light up the whole interior of the house, and naturally I use more lighting where I need it, but I keep these night lights on so I can see where i am walking, I love the subtle glow of these little lights, It works well because when I enter a room I don't always have to light up150-watts to see where I am going unless i need to.
Good Luck, I may have some more tips later, but i thought this post was long enough...later...:thumbup: ...Wodpecker

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