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GrandPixel 05-04-2010 06:53 PM

Hi all! New homeowner and aspiring DIY'er here. For the past couple of years, I have been looking at homes and envisioning what can be done with various spaces. I have looked heavily at manufactured housing, including modular homes (some are extremely nice, inside and out!) and site-built homes, used homes and new homes. Last week I took the plunge on a home that I will be living in with roommates and will be closing on it this month. It has already been completely updated with the exception of some small finishing touches.

I haven't even moved in yet and am thinking about additions! First will be an extra bedroom created in the carport space (if and when I fill the existing rooms). The floor plan of the house will allow this new space to be easily converted between extra bedroom, living room extension, master bedroom suite, or separate apartment. Separate apartment would of course require some kitchen space. So I am excited about the first small job, great first project!

In a couple of years, I would like to build a two car garage in the back yard... with an upstairs apartment... and a basement home theater room... and game room... with bowling lanes - and that's all... I think. :thumbup: Oh and maybe a workout/exercise room if I can find space for it! Oooooh, and laser tag! And an arcade! ... I need to stop.

Anyway, as I said I have been thinking about all of these things for a long time. Ideas have come and gone, come and gone. Well I finally bought a house so I can get started! And honestly, I love thinking and planning these things, and I will love doing and building too, although I'm sure it will come with its share of frustrations!

I mentioned a home theater room. I really enjoy audio/video and am currently piecing together a theater for my new place, but the space will be limiting. Hopefully it will be sufficient for satisfying results. I believe I have purchased ideal components and have searched hard for equipment bargains, and my cost is roughly half what it would have been retail. Point is, I am always thinking about the best, most efficient and cost effective way to do things, whether home theater or home makeover. And I would love to pioneer ways to build cost effective housing.

I have been thinking a lot lately about working part time with a contractor to get my hands dirty. Perhaps it could turn into something more... :thumbsup: Will be around with ideas and questions about my new place. Cheers!

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