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Girl Friday
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Girl Friday

Purple hair. Somewhere nearing middle-aged. (Stopped counting at 25.) Mother of 2 beautiful kids (4 and 6). Tried my hand at everything but knitting-- done fairly well at everything but cooking

To date, my carpentry projects have included furniture, a fence and a shed. Working on a two-story playhouse, now... and have a bonus room and attic to finish off so you can see why I might need this site.

We've lived all over the US, in a few states. This is our second term on the East Coast (Southern, now-- Northern before). Three terms in the midwest (KS, MO and WI-- yes, WI is still considered the midwest), and one on the West coast. I leave little DIY "presents" for the new owners every time we change states. So far, the reviews are all good

I've painted (and faux-textured), wallpapered and ceramic tiled myself across the country, discovered a green thumb (grandma would be proud: it must have skipped a generation because my mom kills anything she looks at) and I'm allowed to use any power tool except the table saw

A slight clumsy streak runs in my family (got it from Dad) as well as the tendancy to analyze things so carefully that I forget how to add 1+1, and end up muttering often to myself, "What was I thinking?!?"

Dad's infamous DIY stories include building a wall through his ladder-- and he loved construction adhesives back then, so it was nailed AND glued into the new front porch.

I'm gathering a book of yarns, myself, including manhandling a heavy stud-wall onto the second story floor of the playhouse by sitting down and dragging it over my head onto the floor... only to discover once it was finally up there that I was lying under the window-opening and not the door as planned, a hole in the floor intended for the stairs was under the door opening, and the header was about 1/16th too wide (warped 2X4s) to lift into place. My hammer was on the ground 8 feet below me After a nice long rest, I managed to crab-walk my way out from under the wall, spider-walked my way down the outside of the playhouse, grabbed my hammer, shinnied up again and bashed that header into submission, raising the wall. Trust me, it wasn't a dangerous situation, but I was laughing the whole time at the vision of the 911 team showing up to free me, and that spurred me to not only free myself but to carry my cellphone always while I work. I'd rather my husband had to come home to save me than to work on my suntan the hard way.

I think what a DIY chat board needs is a thread for "What Was I Thinking?!?" moments and epiphanies. Not only would they be funny, but educational as well (like my calling my dad and saying, "You're supposed to tell me not to criss-cross the windows with the strapping when you explain how to do it!"). I would bet my firstborn child that most of you have made mistakes that ended up costing you hours of work and which you still laugh about with your kids/friends/proteges.

Or has someone already started a blog on that?

Anyhoo... Off to play Mom. Can't give up my Day Job after all...

Nice ta meetchall.

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the Musigician
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Girl Friday

hello and welcome to the forum.
and yes, there is a thread on booboos here.


[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Click here to see some of my original magic tricks and trick boxes!
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Lic. Builder/GC/Remodeler
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Girl Friday

Hello and Welcome to the DIY Chatroom.
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Girl Friday
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Join Date: May 2009
Location: MD
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Girl Friday

DM I betcha *you* are the source of that poem though it sounds familiar... maybe because it's reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. Like it, though. Why can't I find the section for signatures in my profile? *pouts* Ah, well, must peruse the "help" section on the next rainy day...
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