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Sally May 11-30-2010 03:47 PM

Furnace not heating bedrooms. Bleed pipes?
Hello. I have a gas furnace with baseboard hot water heat.
Two upstairs bedrooms do not receive any heat.
A service repair man who changed the thermocouple last week told me I
need to bleed the pipes.
There are 3 copper pipes labeled bedrooms, living area and basement.
The pipes are threaded and have off/on valves. The pipe marked bedrooms is cold; the other two are warm. I attached a hose to the bedroom pipe and let water drain (approx. 4 cups all cold.) This took a few hours. Turned pipe off and heat on with no success.
Still no heat to the bedrooms.
Please advise..
Thank you very much.

Jim F 11-30-2010 04:04 PM

Your hydronic registers should have a bleeder valve on them. They typically have a small wide set flat head screw. In other words you could fit a dime into the slot to turn them but use a large screwdriver. When you open them up you will hear arir escape and keep them open until water squirts out a steady stream. A word of caution with these is they don't always close completely without some messing around. The air gets trapped in the loop above the point where you are trying to bleed the pipes.

Why did the repairman not bleed your registers as he was servicing the thermocoupler? This is a small courtesy that does not cost them a lot of time or effort. At the very least he should have showed you where the bleeders were located.

GotHeat 11-30-2010 08:00 PM

Do your bedrooms have their own thermostats? If they do, you will need to check to see if Zone valves are working. Zone valves look like small silver metal boxes with brass bases and are usually located either near the boiler (furnace) or on one of the baseboard heaters. Zone valves usually have two yellow wires and two red wires and sometimes there is a small manual override lever on the side as well. Push the spring loaded manual lever to the other end and allow the spring tension to hold the manual lever in the manual position or "perch". Turn up a thermostat on a zone that you know works (Living room or basement) and see if you get heat up in the bedrooms. If so, replace your zone valve that is connected to the You can leave the ZV in the open opsition so you get some heat upstairs.

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