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june 10-26-2010 10:09 AM

Basement Floor Variance Allowance When Installing Ceramic Tile
We are going to install ceramic tile on a concrete basement. floor. To ensure a good base, we had started pulling up the existing 12 X 12 linoleum tiles and scraped the old loose black mastic, (probably installed back in the early 70's). First I have seen on your sight this could contain asbestos. We are now wearing a mask as precautionary and our vacuum has a hepa filter. So hopefully we are OK there.

My main question is my husband was laying the tile down as a trial run to see what the pattern would look like. There are some hairline cracks in the concrete floor, (probably as old as the house, 55 years), and some uneven areas. He feels if the tile rocks a little bite on the raw base we may have a problem when installing it. In my opinion the floor looks pretty good. I would think once you put the thinset down it will take care of any slight bumps or uneven patches. Would this be correct? Do we need to worry about the hairline cracks in the floor? Also is there a standard variance allowance before having to consider leveling the floor? There is also a floor drain which looks like the floor eventually slopes into. Will there be a problem with the tile or do you think the tile will move along with the slope? Thank you for any help you can provide.

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