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igsterpop 10-08-2012 05:10 PM

Windmere Hurrican Door
Just recently installed a great looking steel framed door. Am able to get the dead bolt to line up with the notch in the door jam, but hand to replace the door knob so it was keyed. Cannot seem to get the slide pin to catch in the door jam.. It had a steel plate behind the cut hole in the frame itself. tried to release the plate and make adjustments as you would in a standard door jam, this does not work either, cannot seem to make adjustments with (add on ) plates either. Want to make this door operate properly as it is the entrance door on my house. Not sure what I can try next or must do to make this line up?? Any professional suggestions would be ever so appreciated. Can only find someone in florida who is famaliar with and is a locksmith.. I am in Indiana this does me no good. There just has to be a trick to it I have yet to find. Maybe someone here???:confused1: This little gal so hopes someone might have an idea... took so much to get this door positioned as I did by myself, it look good on my house. Have tried many ways I can think of to adjust a standard door. Never came across one as such.. It has a fitted steel plate behind the door jam on the frame itsself, positioned with small screws to hold. Took it loose from where it was and am thinking it might be put back in place tomorrow. Just looking for professional feedback on the issue and what I might do to get this to fit as it should.. Thanksd

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