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VIPlumber 06-29-2012 11:33 AM

Re-organizing the forum somewhat.
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Just a few suggestions here the tighten things up a bit:

- Put generic stickys in all sections, ie:, and . I'd hope that it would help posters that aren't familiar with our little world find these gems in the section they're searching, if they take the time to read them.

- Under the DIY forum tab add missing sections including Appliances; Concrete, Stone and Masonry; Drywall & Plaster; Interior Decorating; Insulation; Pest Control; Remodeling; Windows & Doors. Or have drop down menus under each of the headers; DIY repair; Home Improvement; Equipment & Safety; Do It Yourself; Community. Make the site easier to navigate, especially for the regular contributors. Or maybe it's just me.

- When a new thread is started add OP in bold next to the name, like the attached, and make it so every time they reply the bolded OP appears. It'd make it easier to determine who the OP is, especially with the long, active threads.

I realize that I'm asking for a lot but I think that this is a great site and I was thinking/hoping that these suggestions might strengthen it more.

Gary in WA 07-05-2012 12:48 AM

I'll pass it on..... Thank you!


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