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User78992 08-18-2010 10:55 AM

Delete Account?

Proby 08-18-2010 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by OnThePike (Post 487609)
Hey all,

Anyone know how to permanently delete one's account here? I checked the User Control Panel and couldn't find anything.


Very rarely will that option be available to the user. You can e-mail the administrator.

27894 09-10-2016 10:07 AM

Re: Delete Account?
Apparently instead of actually deleting accounts, this site will change your login information so you can never login again. Which IMHO is a really lousy solution (& a bit passive-aggressive) that does not address what happens to the user's personal information. Locking the door to a room does not cause everything in the room to vanish. I suppose that's the price of admission to a free website. The reason given elsewhere is because deleting an account will cause any posts related to that account to be deleted. I would like my account to be deleted (as is an option on some other sites) due to a legal notification I got today from concerning data theft, but I do NOT want to be shut out of it INSTEAD of having it deleted.

I was also a bit cheesed when I went to password recovery & was forced to watch a Progressive insurance ad & type in their sales phrase to indicate that I'm human, but again, free website. It's just the first time I've ever seen that - altho now I'm sure it won't be the last. I'm NEVER going to buy anything from them, tho.

Cricket 09-11-2016 10:53 AM

Re: Delete Account?
Your account has been deactivated and anonymized. Please refer to the Terms of Use and Notices that govern your use of

Cricket 09-11-2016 10:54 AM

Re: Delete Account?
Closing this thread since the issue has been handled.

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