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housedocs 03-15-2005 03:51 PM

Contractor locator function
I guess this would be the right place to post this question. Isee the link at the top of the page for Find a Contractor, I was wondering is this link going to be to a sponsor like Service Magic or Improvenet or is it going to be an in house deal? Always looking for a new source of leads. Post here or send me a PM with details of this.

I've shied away from most online lead generation services due to thier wanting an unfront or monthly fee, to me the only way I figure I should pay for leads is if I actually win the job. I've recently signed on to one service which only charges a flat 4% on the project bid IF you win the job. No other fees involved. I'm very comfortable with this, and have always tried to give anyone who pointed me to a lead a little something for their trouble as a thank you. I know what the lead is going to cost me upfront and I can choose to either pass this along in my bid or absorb it. Either way what I'm paying for the leads is 100% deductible as advertising at the end of the year. And I'm getting leads that I otherwise would have missed.

Nathan 03-15-2005 08:42 PM

Thanks for asking.

This is my next project. This will be an inhouse site that will attempt to bring together the traffic from and (as well as search engine traffic).

Instead of charging a per lead fee, our service will act as more of an advanced contractor directory.
Contractors will have the ability to build a quick profile about themselves with a link, phone number, name, and info. The basic service will be free although there will be a yearly fee (small) for those who choose to get higher listings and more info like Logos and personal pictures and work portfolio shots.
Consumers will be able to search for contractors based on Zip Code and Trade. They can also read reviews and then decide who to call.

Were still about 2 months out (at least) but were working on it. Any input on what you would like to see would be great.


housedocs 03-15-2005 11:52 PM

Sounds very interesting Nathan, let me think on that for a a bit and I'll get back to you.

OK now another question, just noticed the reputation points? what's the deal with that, never seen it before. One more while I'm at it, since you really got all the bells & whistles here, how about the spell check function for the forums? I only know of one other forum that has it, but it's real cool, and this face it spelling isn't the strong suit of alot of good carpenters. No offense meant to anyone. :D

Nathan 03-16-2005 11:42 AM

The reputation points can be turned off in your UserCP if you don't like them being displayed. You get reputation points by posting and people can give you reputation points by click on the little scale on the bottom left hand corner of your post.
The idea is that people with more knowledge get more points and more respect. What do you think of that idea? Good... Bad?

There is a spellcheck option I can add to the board but it is a "hack" that has to be installed and sometimes hacks can cause other problems. I'll look more into it and see how stable of an option it is.

Thanks for the feedback... keep it coming. I want to make this place great and I need your help

housedocs 03-18-2005 04:26 PM

I think the reputation points are a pretty good idea, provided it isn't abused and looks like there's a built in fail-safe there in that you can only rate another member once and you can't vote for yourself.

I like the idea for the contractor listing. If you need a guinea pig to try out anything, I'm game.

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