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DangerMouse 10-06-2008 11:52 AM

Yikes! almost killed my favorite DeWalt C/M saw!
my switch died after many years constant use on my DeWalt Compound Mitre saw, went to and ordered a new one. old one was an Eaton, new was a Tyco. went to put it in today and where the saw is at it's rather dark, so i simply removed one wire at a time and put it to new switch in same location and put it back together. plugging it in, it sparked and tried to slowly start??? yikes! so of course i immediately unplugged it! took it apart again, took both switches to better lit area and found the old had blk on both ends and yellow and red on both ends, the NEW one has both blk on one side and r&y on the other end! just a heads up if you ever have to do this... look closely at the new one to be sure they are exactly the same! you know what they say about 'assume'..... *sigh* at least it's ok now and i didn't kill it.
:icon_redface: color me embareassed....

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