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manc 02-03-2009 05:08 PM

Where do you get cordless tools reconditioned?

I have 2 Bosch 14.4v cordless drills and one Metabo 12v. They are all showing their age: lack of power, that burning out smell etc. What are my options? Is there somewhere to get them rebuilt/reconditioned? Is it worth it? I have such a stock of batteries built up and I hate being wasteful that I don't want to just junk them. Any ideas welcomed. I'm located in Richmond, Virginia. Thanks, Phil.

brokenknee 02-03-2009 06:34 PM

If they have that "burnt" smell they are toast or soon to be. I do not think it would be cost effective to have them rebuilt.

If it is just lack of power make sure your battery packs are good. If those are bad you can rebuild them or have them rebuilt cheaper than buying new. I rebuild my own battery packs, not that hard. There are sites on the web explaining how to do it. Just do not go to a major battery suppler to purchase your batteries as they will tell you you can't do it without a 4 thousand dollar spot welder (not true).

If you have burnt out three of them I would highly recommend going to more of a contractor grade cordless.

PaliBob 02-08-2009 01:37 AM

Take them down to Phillips & get their opinion

Thurman 02-10-2009 01:10 AM

Phil, I've had cordless tools rebuilt at the DeWalt Service Center in Norcross, Ga. they rebuild most all cordless tools even though they are a DeWalt Service Center. I just happen to have a sister who lives in Norcross and I combine trips. There's probably one closer to you. As far as batteries--may I recommend Prime Cell which I believe is in Penn. I've had them rebuild nine (9) of my DeWalt 18v batteries and two (2) of my Firestorm batteries. They use the 2400 mAH cells instead of the standard 1200 mAH cells and I have been satisfied with them. My last two DeWalt rebuilds were $46 each back in Oct. '08. Do a Google for Prime Cell. Thanks, David

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