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one more nice tool a " heat gun "

You won't use this tool often but when you need one it's a great time saver !
I paid about $25.00 for mine a few years ago, Just yesterday , I stripped two exterior metal doors , Paint remover " might " have ruined the galvernized metal coating, But the heat gun did a nice job, Oh" it took work but a fine job in the end.
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as others suggested, start with good hand tools, a decent stud finder, decent laser, tape measures.

unless you have a lot of work you want to do in a short period of time, forget the finish nailer and use nailsets. Put the money you save into a good miter saw with stand.

hit the yard sales and pawn shops, there are great deals to be had, especially at yard sales and garage sales. the used stuff could hold you over until you figure out what your specific needs are. then check the clearance sections everytime you are in Depot or Lowes. when these guys want to free up some some space, they will make some pretty amazing deals
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I have a cordless ryobi kit. Its about as cheap as i would go. For doing a little work here and there, it works awsome. Just don't expect it to work miracles. A word of advice, if your cordless tools start getting HOT (not warm, but hot) stop, as your probably about to burn your tool up. Get a corded drill as well as cordless, use your corded one when you need to use a hole saw, or an auger bit. Again, don't expect miracles, even out of a dewalt, Milwaukee, or makita. People burn up $250 dewalt drills at work all the time using them to drill 3 inch hole saws.
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The Handyguys podcast did a show on an essential toolkit for a home owner. you can check it out here
Other shows that may interest you are...
Reciprocating saws

My sugestion, buy the big tools as you need them for your specific projects.

The Handyguys
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ive found GREAT deals on ebay.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=250271907906 for less than $50 for a FULL HEAD NAIL GUN!!!!!!!!! $200 retail
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Plan a budget for tools when you buy your house. There is a lot of upfront tools. My budget was $1000 I think. My wife nearly laid an egg but these were things you NEED.

I bought things like wrenches, screwdrivers, pipe wrench, channel locks, voltage meter, **Shop Vac** <- very important.

The biggest money saver is being able to repair things when they break and not have to call a handyman. I explained that if we had to call a plumber to fix what was broken we would have paid well over $1000 in that first month.

After that I have a $100 per month 'tool budget'. I don't spend that every month but that's what it evens out too over the course of a year. Build slowly and buy smart when you need it. We have a harbor freight down the road, their tools are so cheap its scary but you can find good deals on inconsequential tools.

Home depot sells a hardback book, called "home improvement 1-2-3". I highly recommend it.

--I moonlight as a handyman making money from people who cant fix it themselves.
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I have mostly all Craftsmen tools and never had a problem with them. The wrenches are garenteed forever , I even took back broken screwdrivers and they gave me new ones.
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Hey, I have been trolling around here for a little bit, but I registered so I could post here. I am from contractortalk.com and if you want to know what the pros are really using go over there and feel free to troll the tool and equipment forum but don't post...they are very strict about diy/homeowners posting in contractortalk.

What you are going to find is different tool brands excell in different areas. Miter saws seem to go to Bosch, Makita and Dewalt. Table Saws seem to Bosch and the new Makita and again Dewalt. Cordless seems to be ALOT of Makita.

Also what you will find is the high end guys...who have the money...lol..or just enjoy tools buy Festool....
You get what you pay for in tools...and miter saws are an area I would not skimp on....
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If you got the tool you paid for, a Black & Decker reciprocating would be 1/2 the tool an 11-amp sawzall is. Not even close. Do your research to avoid getting ripped off but you generally get more value out of paying more.
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<H1>Milwaukee 15 Amp Super Sawzall® Orbital Recip Saw w/ Case</H1>

The new Milwaukee Orbital Super Sawzall® Reciprocating Saw has a high powered 15 amp Milwaukee built motor for fast orbital cutting action. The variable speed trigger provides 0 to 2800 strokes per minute with a 1-1/4" stroke. The 6538-21 is counter balanced for smoother operation with less vibration. A gear protecting clutch allows the saw to withstand impacts, lengthening the life of the tool. The Quik-Lok™ blade clamp provides fast and easy blade changes, and an impact resistant carrying case provides room to store a variety of accessories.

120 Volt AC

Stroke Length

No Load Speed
0-2,800 SPM

Cord Type
8 ft. Fixed

Construction Type

Switch Type

Dial Speed Control

Keyless Blade Clamp

Keyless Adj. Shoe

Adjustable Handle

Orbital Action


Impact Protection


Tool Weight
10.8 lbs.

Black and Decker Reciprocating Saw, 8.5 Amp, Corded Cut Saw Kit - RS500K

Powerful 8.5 Amp motor for fast efficient cutting in the most demanding applications
Variable speed (0-2,400 SPM) provides fast, efficient cutting and control in every application
Soft grips rear handle and boot minimizes vibration for added comfort and control
Quick Clamp tool free blade change for quick and easy blade changes
Lightweight design allows for longer use and less user fatigue
1-1/8" stroke length improves cutting performance and speed
Storage case for easy carrying and protected storage

Specifications Amps - 8.5 Amps
Strokes/Min - 0-2,400 spm
Stroke Length - 1-1/8"
Keyless Blade Clamp - Yes
__________________________________________________ _______________
To each their own, but in the end you are going to get what you pay for. its $90 for the Black and Decker, and $150-200 for the 15amp Sawzall. You are getting nearly half the power, no orbital cutting action, slower speed and less of a stroke. I also have to question the ability of the Black and Decker to hold its blade when you start really putting the saw through its paces. I have seen many cheaper saws have the blade pull right out of them when the going gets rough, and a reciprocating saw is not a delicate tool. Most times it used for demo and rough work....I personally have the Bosch RS20....my only complaint is I wish it had orbital action, but at 13 amps, if a long blade binds up hard enough that saw will rip it self out of your hands......I got it as a gift so I can't complain.... My father as a 8.5 amp Craftsman...I would have to honestly say it is almost useless....It can't even hold blade long enough to cut a 2x4.

Search around, you can find deals on high quality tools...high quality tools help you yeild high quality results... DON"T be afraid of remanufactured tools...

Try http://cpooutlets.com/?ref=googaw&kw=%7Bkeyword%7D

I have quite a few tools from there and every single one came to me looking brand new and never has failed me.
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I just got my first home 2 months ago and the tools i have
B&C 6 v cordless screw driver with a complete bit kit - 24$ on sale from sears
craftman 19.2 v drill/driver , portable saw and light kit - 59$ and i think that is good for now.

I also have cheap 80$ worth of mechanical tools which is good enough to work on my motorcycle,rebuild a dirt bike ,do general maintance on the car,snow blower,leaf blower ,lawn mower and around the house.

again , i do not buy stuff to sit around i try to use what i have and adapt it better like using screws instead of nails .

I am in the market for a miter saw but probabily get one from craigslist and install a new blade i try cragislist for 1 off items and use harbour frieght for allthe small stuff.

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Originally Posted by schmolze View Post
Hi Everyone,
Looks like a good forum.

I'm buying my first home pretty soon and am very excited about it.

I want to invest in a few quality tools to do some basic renovation (replace some siding, new roof shingles, etc...)

I have a good circular saw.

I'd like:

- Miter Saw
- Cordless Drill
- Maybe a reciprocating saw
- Nail gun(s) - Do they make any combo deals with framing/finish/roofing guns, etc? Is there sort of a "one gun does all" kind of thing?

Anything else that you guys think would be indispensable to a homeowner?
I'd just like to have some basic good quality tools.
Any particular brands or models you guys would recommend?
Buy new? Used? Ebay?

Thank you very much,

Do you want professional tools or consumer tools. Huge difference in price and an even bigger difference in quality.

For consumer tools just go to lowes or homedepot or who ever sells tools downthere and buy based on price. If professional then for a mitre saw Dewalt DW718. For a cordless drill (not hammer) Dewalt DW720. It will hold up for a pro so it will hold up for a consumer. For a recriporcating saw( extremely useful for the things a circular saw can't do) Dewalt DW304 (fixed shoe, 10 amp, 4 position blade clamp, quick change blade) Very nice to use. For a framing nailer I have used paslode and ridgid and their both nice so I would go for the cheaper one. Home Depot in Canada has a Ridgid for for 287.98 or something like that. For a finishing nailer a hitachi or paslode or ridgid will do. All nice guns. For a compressor(if you need to get one) get one that's oil lubricated. Even a DW715 mitre saw will do or even a 10" model. Just don't buy a house brand or a skil or B&D if you want quality.

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There are many things that you should look into, however if you are looking for just a few tools to start, I would look at a good Drill/Driver. I started with a Black and Decker and then went to a Makita, As everyone says buy the best you can at the time, I have since replaced about everything that I started with, but I also got into the construction business after my DIY experience. I would not regret anything, however if you think you will be a DIY junkie, save yourself the money and buy good quality tools to start.


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