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Sonusingh 06-06-2011 10:34 AM

Tool buying help
I am planning to buy 18v cordless drill which brand should I go for. I want sone thing durable and long lasting. Please let me know with your valuable experience.

vsheetz 06-06-2011 01:50 PM

Having had several drills over the years - I now have a Bosch drill that I am very pleased with after a couple years usage. Power, quality, feel in the hand, battery life, etc. - all excellent.

user1007 06-06-2011 10:25 PM

Buy the best and safest tools you can afford, except for special purposes. I don't use it often but still own by Dad's 1/4 corded drill. You would have to run it 24/7 to get it hot. It has been run over so many times. I gave up using cordless drills to get into antique building masonry walls unless I had an assistant recharging 400 18v battery packs.

If you have a tool supplier near you (you may notice the same brands as some of the box stores but at seemingly exorbitant prices [negotiable by the way])? Put a real tool in your hand and feel the weight and balance. Damned things still have some metal parts and real motors in them and they are not covered in consumer neon green and orange plastic. You will not got a free carrying bag with your purchase. They will last you until as a homeowner you are done with them or stolen.

Now then. I did used to blow up disc sanders with drywall dust clogging everything. I used them for surfacing walls and finally tried a cheap Chinese thing but not one marked up 70 percent from a box store. I am out of the game now but I loved this $40US tool. Variable speed down to what you would do by hand on up to about 8,000 RPM or whatever. I tried for 5 years to overheat it or burn it out.

I really have tried box store tools but end up taking them back. Things break, they wobble. Etc. Guides fall off the cheap tile saws. The saw blades warp.

You know one of the tools I use most was outrageously expensive. My Fein MultiTool. Cost me like $525 years ago but I use it for something on every job.

My issue with cordless tools is still batteries. The cordless things ain't worth a darn if you have to keep switching out batteries because it draws them down even sitting in a wait state. Ryobi tools for some reason drain faster than most. Power management in higher end, not box store DeWalt is still alright I guess. I have heard current good things about Bosche. My current cordless drill is on me for beta testing. So far, I am extremely impressed. New battery packs are holding up well and the charger zaps them to life instantly. I leave the thing running at night, as goes with the testing. So far, it has still be running as promised from the limits of the battery charge every morning.

Like I say, talk to a tool store guy. Not the kid, and nothing against them, making minimum wage at HD, Lowe's or whatever. Tool store will have a loaner program too so when halfway through the project you promised to finish so the old lady would not leave you?

And look, just think of what you want out of cordless powerless tools. Will I use a recriprocating saw to hack something to pieces with one. Have I yet to cut a piece of wood with one of those stupid circular saw things? Nope.

And you know what? If you are not sure what to buy? And especially if it is a special tool purchase? Ask a tool store for a test drive. Or if you must, get something from a box store and take it back if it does not feel right.

And buy the way, your tools do not have to match in brand name or even look and vintage. Just make sure you shop well.

- Steven

oh'mike 06-07-2011 06:05 AM

I've had a bunch of Ryobe drills over the years--I have yet to kill one--and the batteries are 2 for $59--

DeWalt batteries are $65 each----

Just a thought----When installing kitchen cabinets I like to have three or four drills ,so I don't have to stop and change bits.----Mike---

user1007 06-07-2011 06:29 AM


Originally Posted by oh'mike (Post 662555)
I've had a bunch of Ryobe drills over the years--I have yet to kill one--and the batteries are 2 for $59--

DeWalt batteries are $65 each----

Just a thought----When installing kitchen cabinets I like to have three or four drills ,so I don't have to stop and change bits.----Mike---

Great points and the Ryobes would be a fraction of the cost in both tool and battery. So try one. I like the way they feel. Most expensive one at a box store is like $80 or something which is not bad. I should have but did not realize how far apart battery costs had become. I should have known DeWalt was up to something when I couldn't buy a charger without it being combined in a combination disco boom box and manicure station for nice looking women that stroll by and want a tradesman with a five inch disc sander or angle grinder to do a quick pedicure.

Changing bits or holding them can be a problem with any of the new automatic chucks so glad that came up. I never had a problem with a DeWalt or Ryobe chuck but tried a Black and Decker thing once that was worthless. I was helping a friend out of town and did not fly with tools. I was trying to finish a subfloor repair so needed bits the same size and the chuck kept loosening up on me. Bits kept getting chewed as did the screw heads.

I screamed and told him to go get a DeWalt, Milwaukee or something. He ignored me and went and got a Ryobe, from a box store, and still loves it years later. I had no problem working with it either. And he bought extra batteries so we had power. He uses it now, once a year or less. It is also really nicely industrially designed. It looks nice as garage ornamentation.

I used my tools everyday. In the case of a drill, screw gun, sometimes working all day long putting down subfloors, decking and sometimes putting up drywall and even fencing? I take great care of them but they do not all look especially pretty anymore.

Shocked by honestly not knowing how wide the disparity between battery costs had become, I don't know how to advise you. I suspect your current needs are so much different than mine were. I still hope you at least visit a real tool store but if box stores are all you have. Test drive and return. I know it is not a natural burly man thing, but trust me your wife/SO will teach you how to do this in seconds and be so happy she will want to shop with you for tools!!!!!

oh'mike 06-07-2011 06:56 AM

The first Ryobe drill was a Christmas gift- I'll admit to being a tool snob---Ryobe is not a 'Bragging Rights" tool brand--

However, They are tough,and get the work done without costing much.

Another gift tool--the Ryobe Roto Zip--I figured that one was a throw away,for sure---Wrong!

Mighty handy when installing a few sheets of drywall and no cord to get all tangled up.---Mike---

HomeInsulation 06-09-2011 10:24 AM

Buy Bosch
Hey Sonusingh,

Buy a Lithium Ion Bosch Combo Kit with an impact driver. These little things are amazing!

I've gone through Hitachi, Ryobi, Makita and Craftsman 18V NiCad drills and saws already. Makita is a close second in my mind.

I've used Bosch's 800 help number with great success. I would recommend them highly.

Sonusingh 06-18-2011 01:49 PM

Hey folks I ended up buying makita 18v li ion drill and compact driver as combo set for $ 214.00. Is it good buy ?

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