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LanterDan 08-07-2006 10:21 PM

table saw - broken pulley
My grandmother recently gave me a Sears Craftsman table saw (about 15 years old) since she is too old to safely use it. This isnít the greatest of table saws, but Iím a student and am trying to make do. After I set it up at home, the pulley (the one next to the blade) came loose after several minutes of use. I reattached it, using locktite on the set screw this time. After a couple of days of more use the pulley came loose again. This time I looked it a little more closely, decided that the pulleys were out of alignment, and moved the motor side pulley outboard a little. Now after about a month of use the motor side pulley broke. The saw bearings seems fine (no play), and I donít think the belt is slipping (no squeaking) and everything else looks and sounds normal. So what am I doing wrong?

Another detail: right before my grandmother gave me the saw, she burned out the motor. She used it only infrequently to cut relatively thin softwood, so I donít see why this should have happened (it has been cool to touch every time Iíve used since). Anyway, she had the motor rewound and then never installed it. The instructions have been lost, so I canít guarantee I put the motor on correctly, but it went back on in a very straightforward manner, so I really donít believe I made any mistakes.

Big Dave 08-08-2006 04:43 AM

I've got an older craftsman table saw and the pulleys have moved on me and I had one break. These are some things that will happen and I don't think that you are doing anything wrong.


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