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stick welding

I have never used a welder before. I was given a craftsman arc welder that is adjustable between 35 and 125 amps. I have some 1.5" square 11G tube that I want to make a 5 X 5 fence gate out of. Is this something that would handle this size steel? It says that it will hold up to 1/8" rod. Also since this is going to be a trial and error does anyone have a suggestion where to start with rod size and amp setting?


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Also since this is going to be a trial and error does anyone have a suggestion where to start with rod size and amp setting?
Ayuh,.... That ain't much of a welder, but it'll probably do what ya need doin'...

Get yerself a box of 6011, or 6013, in 3/32" rod, 'n start playin' with it...
3/32" is 'bout the smallest rod commonly available, 'n it'll run at the higher end of yer amperage available..
If ya can find 1/16", Try it...

Depending on yer tubing, you'll have to move Fast, to not burn through...
Lot's of small tacks, Vs. long beads might work for ya...
Just make sure ya knock the slag off the welds, before attempting the next weld...
Weld won't stick to slag, 'n the slag can stop ya from gettin' a decent weld...

I'd think yer gonna be using the amperage from 'bout 80 on up to the max. to get the 3/32" rod to run...

Btw,.... For that kinda work, ya can't beat a wire feed welder, with flux-cored wire, in .030"...


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