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oh'mike 10-14-2012 07:48 AM

Stanley Bailey #8 and other daily users--
Big Jim mentioned that he wanted to add a long hand plane to his shop--

His new shop is small and hand tools are going to be used more than in the past---

That made me feel good----I like to see a tool used and not set on a shelf to be admired as a collectable---

I have an old # 8---Bought it new and still use it---along with most of the antique tools that have found there way into my shop and tool bags---

My marking gauge is easily 150 years old---along with a matching rosewood and brass square that came from the same garage sale tool trunk.

I keep a turn of the century Stillson wrench in the plumbing box for use on chrome fittings---

I definitely don't believe in early retirement for good working tools.

It;s an honor to the tool maker when a finely crafted tool is still in daily use after 100 years or so----Mike----

woodworkbykirk 10-14-2012 10:10 AM

your right mike a fine tuned antique tool still in use brings a smile to my face just like seeing a 1952 chev pickup that still growls

BigJim 10-14-2012 12:54 PM

Back when I was in business I was too busy to learn the old hand tools. Since I have retired I find that I really missed out on some of the finest tools and ways to accomplish the tasks I had. Especially in stair building many of the old tools are the best way to go. Sometimes there are places a power tool just can't get to.

Keith Mathewson, one of our members and one of the finest stair builders out there, gave me some planes and while telling him how much I enjoyed them, I mentioned that I have been looking for a #7 or 8 hand plane. Keith gave me a #8 which is very hard to find. A #8 when tuned up is a pleasure to use, you can flatten large areas such as table tops with one.

You should see Keith's collection of planes, and he uses them, they are not just for show. Keith has mastered tangent hand rail parts, which is top of the line in carpentry and a dieing art. His hand tools play a very important part in his work.

For those who want to do wood working, by all means read up on the old hand tools, you will be very happy that you did. The old tools have opened up a whole new and fantastic world for me. The feel of a fine tuned extremely sharp hand plane is something all of you wood workers need to experience, you sure won't be sorry, but watch out, it can be addictive.

oh'mike 10-14-2012 05:50 PM

Keith Mathewson has made some teaching videos that are fun to watch---Unfortunately I lost all my bookmarks recently---

He is a good teacher too---Teaching is a rare skill---thanks Keith---Mike---

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