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bobo 11-23-2006 06:22 PM

Ryobi Power Tools

is RYOBI a good brand name tool? home depot has a sale on a ryobi battery powered circular saw (5 1/2") and two speed drill, with one battery and charger, for $49.95. 18 volt.



majakdragon 11-23-2006 08:49 PM

I also saw that sale ad. It all depends on how much and what you are going to be using it for. I have an OLD Black and Decker 12 volt that has been a great tool for around the house. Hate having only one battery though. Seems like when I use it for any length of time, I have to take an hour off to recharge. It bothered me that they can offer the drill AND saw for that low of a price.

bobo 11-24-2006 09:23 AM

Ryobi Power Tools
hi folks,

well, i went and did it! i bought the RYOBI 18 volt drill and circular saw set. $49.95 at home depot. i dont use tools like this 8-10 hrs a day, 7 days a week. im a backyard diy'r, so if they last a yr or 2, what the hay! i spend more than 50 bucks on beer for just one weekend, and that just gets me in the dog house, well at least now i can build a decent dog house!!!:laughing:


yummy mummy 11-24-2006 10:23 AM

you're funny.

I have a ryobi hammer drill, and I really like it.
Mind you, I have never had any power tools before. :no:

gedereco 11-24-2006 01:52 PM

i used to have a bench saw and chop saw made by ryobi and it lasted about 10 weeks, my friend runs a tool repair shop and he has to fix more ryobi power tools than any other make on the market.:no:

Rehabber 11-24-2006 02:03 PM

As a professional remodeler, I use a large number of tools, mostly corded. Hitachi, Porter Cable, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Fein, and even a Festool RO sander. One of my cordless tools is an 18V Ryobi. I use (and abuse) it daily now for three years. Best bargain I have ever gotten in a tool.:thumbsup:

bobo 11-24-2006 03:11 PM

Ryobi Power Tools
hello again!

well, there are mixed reviews, just like anything. i figure for 50 bucks, hey, lets face it, 50 bucks isnt a whole lot of money. so if it fails prematurely, fine, toss it! ill know better next time. ive seen these tools sell seperately for about $40-45 each, so moneywise, its an attractive deal. but i went into this knowing that it might blow up in my face. if it were a porter cable, dewalt, etc... which u pay top $$$ for, it better last!!!! bottom line, u get what u pay for!...bob:yes:

gedereco 11-25-2006 09:20 AM

you were saying about dewalt, you pay for the name with them . i have a 24 volt combi drill which is dewalt and another the same by hitachi. HITACHI wins hands down . if yoou want quality and tools that last and take abuse i'd go for Hitachi every time:yes:

majakdragon 11-25-2006 01:00 PM

Bobo, You will probably be happy with your purchase since it isn't something you use everyday. As I stated in my previous post, my B&D has given me great service for what I paid for it. I have even thought about going to HD and get me one of those combos.

mdshunk 11-25-2006 02:24 PM

You guys might be interested to know that Ryobi is the parent company of Milwaukee. But, boy, there sure is a big difference in quality between those two brands.

gedereco 11-25-2006 03:14 PM

your right there i bought a milwaukee 28 volt cordless drill with lithium ion battery. it's unbelivable bit of kit .

bobo 11-26-2006 04:50 AM

power tools

doesnt b&d own skill? or vise versa???


bobo 11-26-2006 04:56 AM

Ryobi Combo

the sale at hd here in NC is only good thur sunday. i dont know about the deal where u are. check the fliers....bob:)

majakdragon 11-26-2006 07:53 AM

This is what I have heard as far as who owns what. Black and Decker is an umbrella company for B&D, DeWalt, Delta and Porter Cable. TTI owns Ryobi and Milwaukee. TTI has an exclusive contract with Home Depot for Ridgid (by Emerson) and Ryobi. Bosch owns Skil. Craftsman has many companies make their tools but they change the quality of the internal workings to fit their price range. Sears is starting to upset buyers with the way their guarantee works. Craftsman hand tools are guaranteed for life BUT they now try to change the way it works. If you take a broken ratchet to Sears for replacement, you may find the counter person handing you a repair kit for you to install. I also had to argue and get the manager to replace a broken screwdriver because the counter person said it was not covered because it was part of a set and they didn't carry single tools from sets. I did get it replaced but I really hate hassles with uninformed sales people.

lostsoul74 11-16-2007 12:54 AM

ok, heres hte low down on Ryobi from a professionals stand point. I'm a contractor, I have 5 guys that work for me in the remodel and renovation trades, We dont do heavy commercial, but we still work our tools and abuse them.
I use to have a contract with Dewalt years ago for testing and reviews of new products, my van was litterally filled with all Dewalt products. My van got stolen in SC on a renovation product I was on about 5 yrs ago. At the time, I wasnt about to run out and spend 10k to buy all new dewalt supplies, I took a chance on Ryobi just so I could complete the job, I bought a few standard 4pk kits for my guys for 200 a piece, and the Large JobSite unite that had 6 tools including a cordless chopsaw.
I was actually quite impressed, they were durable and strong, alot better then what i figured i'd be getting for the buck, alot better then skill or firestorm in the same price range.
Now to be honest, i have only one gripe with Ryobi, and that was thier batteries, they tend to go weak fairly fast when doing heavy loads, and when I say heavy loads, i mean for instance if it was a demo job and I was cutting through multiple 2x10 rafters with the cordless sawsall, then the ryobi would die after about 5 rafters, where as my Dewalt would cut 6-8 before getting weak. But at the same time, A 18v Dewalt battery costs 75 bucks, and you can get 2 Ryobi batteries for 40, so it's not an issue to have multiple batteries around. Besides, lets be honest, If it's a major site and your doing heavy cutting like say 70 rafters, then you'd be running cords anyways.
Alot of residential contractors are becoming fans of ryobi also. I dont care what name is on it, after a year goes by and the drill has fallen off ladders, and roofs, etc.. etc... it needs to be replaced, so you have a choice, another 300 for a dewalt, or 50 for a ryobi. So you'll find alot of crews now being supplied with Ryobi brand tools.
Commercial is a bit different, they have the coorperate funds to have that kind of purchasing power, and the field is different, theyre running lags into concrete all day, instead of installing drywall or countertops vs. residential.
In a situation like that in commercial, you'll need the high torque and stronger batteries, but again, the companies supply those, so if your looking for something for youself, Ryobi is absolutely the way to go.
I'll be honest, I do both commercial and residential contracting, if i'm on a commercial site with alot of union guys around, I'll pull out my dewalt 6 piece in kit in hardcase, looks like a military case and instantly impresses, but thats merely for impression, personally I love my Ryobi over all the other names because they have a wider range of variety. They have a cordless trimmer which i not only use for laminates, but also as a regular router, and a cordless planer. No other companies offer these, and I dont work in a cabinet shop all day, I just periodicly need these a couple times a week, so it's alot easier just to toss a battery on it then have to run cords and set stuff up. The cordless chop saw I have is also very convienent for small trim jobs, I cant cut 8 inch crown mold with it, but i can run standard base molding and windows and doors.
Now, back to the batteries, my original complain was thier running weak on heavy load (for standard applications, theyre fine and usually a battery last me all day at work), and not charging when hot. They now have a lithium Ion batteries that work with thier existing tools, with twice the power, run time, and holding cycle. I've yet to grab them yet, sometime in the next couple weeks, but a few guys on some crews have them, and i've plugged them into mine, and theyre a noticable difference, being just as strong as my original Dewalts (mind you Dewalt also has new lithium batteries, but again, at 4 times the price)

Last and final, one more VERY important thing to add. I'm not sure the tie in, i've asked around and no one knows, this may have something to do with ITT as the post above expressed, but it's more then that.
Ryobi and Ridgid are tied together somehow, but not like black and decker and dewalt, theyres something more then that. Ryobi recently came out with thier new 12 inch sliding dual bevel compound miter saw, i've been waiting for this, you can even put dido blades on it and other unique uses. BUT... it's only available in Europe and they wont ship it here, i've tried, I even went through Austrailian Ebay to have one shipped, but the shipping far out weighed the idea. However, if you research it, you'll find thats it's only available in europe, but sold under the ridgid name here in the US, and pulling up pics of both models side by side, theyre the exact same saw, but ridgid is orange and grey, and ryobi is blue and yellow, the ryobi also has a few little extras that are handy that the ridgid doesnt and the ryobi has a slightly better degree cut, i think 60 degrees, over Ridgid's 57 degrees.
Uppon finding this out and doing a bit more research, I also found that the original Ryobi 3 speed hammer drill that they sold for a month before discontinuing, are the same guts as the Ridgid hammer drill. Thats all i've been able to find on the matter so far, I asked in the ryobi forums and no one knows anything about it. International forums also put Ryobi in the higher end with the bigger names like dewalt and makita, something about the amp of battery, i think here in teh US we got the 1.9 amp batteries, while europe got the 2.4 amp. I jsut started finding this out a couple weeks ago when seeing if there were any ideas of a 12 inch sliding for ryobi and found there already was, but not here.

food for thought.

So yes, for your DIY, and remodelers/renovators, Ryobi is a great product. It will also handle heavy commercial loads well, expecially with the new ion batteries, but some of the guys will look at you funny.

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