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wombosi 08-30-2010 05:22 PM

problem with makita router collets
hey guys,

bought the 2 1/4 hp makita fixed/plunge kit a few months ago. have only used it a handful of times and hadn't really taken this problem seriously, until now when i'm u sing it more frequently.

the problem is: whether i use the 1/2" or 1/4" collet, with brand new whiteside bits, i can't get the dang things OUT when i want to change bits. the collet loosens up easily, but i'm forced to use the wrench to leverage the bit out using the edge of the baseplate. this is horrible, i know.

i always fully seat the bit, then pull it up back up at least 1/8" before tightening down. i've also tried not tightening the collet as much, and wound up destroying a mahogany railing i was milling because the bit slipped down!!

this is such a pain.

amazon won't replace it, and makita would make me mail it to a service station, which would cost like $30 out of pocket.
i guess this is my last resort, but it feels like makita should be responsible here.

am i missing something? lube? what? anyone else have a similar issue?

thanks for any feedback.

47_47 08-31-2010 06:12 AM

My PC 7518 router acts the same. I loosen the collet with the wrench and the bit will not come out. I continue to loosen the collet by hand, then the collet becomes tight. Loosen it with the wrenches just a little more and the bit comes out.

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