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Pressure washer getting no pressure

Ok so here's a little background. I traded a guy a 212cc horizontal engine for a pressure washer and a nice iPod dock station w/ wireless speakers. I tried out the engine before I took it, but didn't take the thing apart in front of him. We met in a parking lot so I wasn't able to test out the washer with water. I got home and found out I needed some parts for the washer. I invested about $50 in ordering new little parts to fix it, only to find it still doesn't work. The problem is that I screw in the hose, pull the trigger and water shoots out. I turn the engine on, squeeze the trigger and the water shoots out with the exact same amount of pressure. Literally no difference. Now I ran the washer with no water (I know its bad for the pump) and shouldn't there at least be air spraying out of the port the pressure hose screws into if there's no water? I've inspected everything on the pump and I've never taken a pressure washer apart before but I spent some time learning how it works and it SEEMS as though it should work just fine. I'm just not sure what's going wrong and why it's not working. With the hose attached and the engine on, there aren't any leaks. The pump does rotate and pushes the pistons up and down as the engine spins.

I'm hoping there are some experts out there who can look at the attached pictures and tell me what I'm missing or how I can fix this.
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I am no expert, but I have owned electric and now gas-powered unit.

In both cases, the capability to stream high-pressure water was dependent also on the nozzle ( like a gun barrel, as opposed to the tip) being installed and properly functioning. On my first unit, I had one fail resulting in lack of pressure. I was never curious enough to explore further to understand how the pump unit knew there was a nozzle installed or functioning.

I mention this only in the hope that this may consider the possibility that it is may not be the pump that has failed.


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"Now I ran the washer with no water (I know its bad for the pump) and shouldn't there at least be air spraying out of the port the pressure hose screws into if there's no water?" A one word final answer--NO !! A pressure washer pump is not an air compressor, just not built to do that. Being as you have taken this pump so far apart try this: With just the head of the pump off and the spark plug out of the motor--slowly pull on the starter rope and watch the valves to see if any of them move. ALL of them should move some in some type of sequential order. IF they do not--major problem, pump needs to be rebuilt or replaced. IF the valves do move--attach the water supply hose to the unit and pull the starter rope slowly again (spark plug out remember). As each valve moves in and out the water should change with each vavle, sort of like a "shower massage" shower head. IF you are mechanically inclined you could take the entire pump apart for a good cleaning. Take photos as you take it apart, build your own parts assembly manual. I have fixed lots of pressure washers just by taking them apart for a good cleaning.
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