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Giles 07-22-2011 09:24 AM

Power wheelchair battery
My father in law has a 1 year old Jazzy Select Power wheelchair. Total use is about three hours. The batteries will not take a charge. Instructions with charger states batteries need at least 5 volts to activate charger. I tested the batteries with a test light and they are completely dead.
From research, it appears they are lead acid battteries # UB12350.
Can I disconnect the batteries and do a partial charge with a 12V trickle automotive type charger, and then use the supplied charger?

rustyjames 07-22-2011 11:28 AM

Might be a bad charger, especially if it's an onboard type typical with that brand. I'm surprised it has lead-acid batteries, most powerchairs use gel's.

Also, you might have one battery that's bad. I would check each one out and see what you have. If ones bad it's recommended to replace both.

Giles 08-02-2011 02:48 PM

UPDATE---I used two trickle chargers to partually charge each battery. Batteries were disconnected from each other.
The factory charger would then charge the batteries.
All is well and he is riding again:thumbup:
Just plain sad that a company sells a Chinese made article and they know very little about it:furious:
I call the company and they said it did not have "lead acid batteries"
I informed them that they need to look at what they are selling--charger states what type batteries it charges and the batteries are marked Lead Acid:whistling2:

Thurman 08-02-2011 06:52 PM

Just to clarify something: I worked for a battery company for a few years and you could indeed have a "Lead Acid" battery that is the AGM type. That would be "Absorbent Glass Mat" lead-acid type battery. These use a fiberglass type mesh over the plates which absorbs the acid into them to prevent spills. They actually have less loss of acid than none AGM batteries. Some of these are actually marketed as "Gel-cell" batteries, although there is actually no "gel" within the battery. The AGM batteries usually require a minimum voltage for most chargers to start working. There are chargers out there specifically for AGM batteries with detect very low (2 Vdc or less) voltage and will charge these batteries. Look very carefully at the labels on the batteries in question and see if it states anywhere on them "AGM". Sometimes, IF you can get the caps off, you will look in the battery and see what appears to be "white" plates, these are AGM plates.

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