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scuts 02-01-2012 07:20 AM

power auger
so I need a power auger and will need it for some time. I have decided to purchase one. To pick up what I would consider to be a recognized brand from say norther tool or other its an ardisam earthquake for 190 + a 8"bit for 140 $330 total + tax

They have them on ebay for a little bit less with more. My concern is the ones on ebay are generic items, meaning I doubt I would ever be able to find parts for them. That said, the reviews on the northern tool model are not so hot


free shipping with a 6 and 10" bit $270

another on ebay for 349, with 4, 6, 8 and 10inch bits

joecaption 02-01-2012 07:32 AM

I own an Earth Quake and it's worked fine for years.
It came with a 6" bit, I took it off and replaced it with an 8" and have never once needed the 6" again.
A tool that you can not get parts for is a poor boat anchor.

scuts 02-01-2012 07:40 AM

bad thing is, I dont have a boat

ratherbefishing 02-01-2012 11:03 AM

I've only rented them. Why not go to the local rental store or Home Depot and see what thay use? You may even be able to buy one that has a few houras on it.

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