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Portable Generator

My generator starts fine but as it is running the throttle surges continuously, is this normal. For a coleman 1850W.
Is there anyone who knows how to remedy this?


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It's not normal. I don't know the solution, but don't use the generator to power anything until you fix it. The generator will be outputting voltages and frequencies that could damage you stuff.


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Ayuh,... You've got Crud in the fuel system,...
Probably the Carb, but the tank,+ lines may also be involved...
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So what they're saying is, have the unit serviced.
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Generally that type of surging in a small engine is a symptom of some sort of fuel problem such as the fuel line being kinked or possibly restricted from gunk or a piece of debris, the fuel filter is dirty, a plugged vent hole in the filler cap, perhaps an in line shut off valve that has vibrate partially closed, gummed up jets in the carberator etc.
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Originally Posted by mossy View Post
My generator starts fine but as it is running the throttle surges continuously, is this normal. For a coleman 1850W.
Is there anyone who knows how to remedy this?
That's interesting as I have the same model! Mine surges when it starts to get low on fuel, so the suggestion that its a fuel problem has merit.

It is of course the governor that causes the surge! When the engine starts to slow the governor opens the throttle more and of course when it speeds up, it will cut back on the fuel supplied.
One thing you might try is to loosen the gas cap when its surging. If it quits the surge, this would indicate that the fuel cap vent is plugged! This would be my first suggestion!
Even though mine does surge from time to time, I have not been concerned by it as it hasn't caused any damage to my equipment.
I run a refrigerator and my TV/satellite box with it!
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From quite a bit of experience with working on small engines, I totally agree this sounds as if a fuel delivery problem. Without knowing what type carb is on this unit, I wonder if it has a rubber diaphragm used as a fuel pump, many do. These diaphragms are notorious for getting weak, and any water which may have been in the fuel will ruin them. The diaphragm works by vacuum pulling fuel into a small chamber, the a spring returns the diaphragm to it's original position to do this over again. That's why the governor is causing the surge, enough fuel for a few strokes, not enough for some strokes. The RPM goes up and down and the governor tries to keep them steady. IF you don't have a manual on this motor, get the model and serial number, go a search on the net and find out which type carb is on it. It may be the diaphragm model or the fuel system may need a good cleaning out. David


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