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I have several Porter Cable nailer - have served me very well and without issues through multiple fairly major DIY projects. Recommended.


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I bought a Porter Cable bundle. Pancake compressor with 16 and 18 gauge nailers:

They've been great. I've installed a lot of trim with it, and made some built in cabinets. The compressor is really loud though.

I also have a Harbor Freight framing nailer. I'm not a framer, so for the few projects I do, the lower quality is perfectly fine. Mainly, it's heavier. But it shoots a variety of nails, including both clipped and full head.
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Originally Posted by <*(((>< View Post
PaliBob,....What don't you like about it? ........
Just that it is so big and clunky for big jobs and for small pick up jobs most of the time a small 1-Gallon Senco will do the job without the noise and the weight of a bigger compressor.
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I've got a Porter Cable compressor, and all my nail guns are Bostitch, except for an off brand roofing nailer I purchased to attach underlayment with.
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I am considering buying this Hitachi nail gun:
Hitachi Framing nailer: NR90AEPR

I saw one at $175.75 (amazon).

Is this a good choice?

I have seen some hitachi nail package (compressor - hose - hitachi framing gun) but the framing gun does not have depth adjustment.
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Okay, I'm a nail gun noob. (Never owned one, used 'em several times under supervision of my brother: "Use this gun, do that job.") I've got several main projects coming up, such that investment in a compressor and a nail gun or two (or three?) seems worthwhile. I want to make sure I cover the needed bases and don't spend money on tools we won't use.

Here are the projects immediately on the horizon--and what I think we're looking at in terms of needed nails and nailers:
Building some new walls in the basement (for room-division as well as holding up the first floor).
[ Framing nailer, using 3-inch 10 or 11 ga nails]
Repairing, replacing and reattaching exterior trim and (wood) siding
[Finishing nailer, with 2" by 15 ga nails]
Flooring: we're installing 3/4" solid wood (prefinished cherry) flooring:
[Can we use a finishing nailer for this, with 15 or 16 ga 2" nails? Or should we bite the bullet and beg, borrow, or rent a proper flooring nailer? It seems like a big investment, as we're "only" installing 600 sf of flooring at this time--thing is, we're doing it over a couple of weeks, so rental seems cost-ineffective.]

Have I thought through this correctly?
Looking at the various package deals out there (compressor plus a couple of nailers) there are a lot of brad nailers and narrow staplers offered: I assume these are for cabinetry? (we'll be doing that but not this summer!)

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I use a Ridgid 4.5 gallon twin compressor
Porter Cable FR350 Framing Gun
Bostitch N80CB-1 Framing Gun
Chicago Pneumatics Finish Nailer (its a cheapo)
Hitachi NV45AB2 Roofing Gun
They all work flawlessly. I am not a carpenter. Just a DIY home owner.
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I've got a couple Bostich finish nailers. One 16 gauge & one 18 gauge.

My "sleeper" is a nailer/stapler. About 2 years ago I was moseying through Menards & saw this thing on the clearance kiosk for $9.99. It's regular price was only like $79.99. It's a Black Diamond brand - which means crap. Even so, I figured that for $10 it would make a great back-up.

But I'm hear to tell you... That thing is an animal! I've rammed 2-1/2" finish nails with it, and have recently been using staples in it, to build a picket/privacy fence. I'm currently driving 1-1/2" staples, at about 80 psi, though cedar.

So far, it has not only been tough but accurate. Hasn't jammed once. Amazing for a cheap piece of junk!
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Tim if you’re wanting to save money I don’t see the need to spend $300 on a framing gun for one small project. Buy this palm nailer. Inexpensive, bullet proof, and will go places no other nailer will go.

A 15 gauge finish gun is a good investment and can be used for all kinds of projects around the house but I wouldn’t use it for exterior trim. You really want a head on the nail for exterior trim. You can use the palm nailer for that too. I hand nail almost all of my exterior trim and I run a lot of it.

Don’t cheap out on the flooring nailer. If you don’t want to rent then buy one and sell it on Craiglist when your done.


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