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Some Loctite Info

I looked into the possiblity of using Loctite to stop the blade from coming loose. Loctite firms up in 5-20 minutes. It cures completely in 24 hours.
I believe the applications of Loctite are for assemblies that may someday need to be opened again -- not applicable for securing a blade that could be changed many times per day, depending on your task.

I kept thinking about the comments of several forum members:
1) They said "sure the blade came loose the first time I used it. However, after I tightened it there was no problem".
2) "Let the tool do the work". Don't force the blade into the wood.

I guess I am just too cautious when I tighten threads. I went ahead and really tightened it hard. I cut a square hole by plunge cutting into 3/4 inch oak. It stayed together. After that I cut off the ends of fir subfloor boards. Worked great.

Bottom Line: I owe Rockwell an apology. If you get the blade good and tight, it stays together.


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Thanks Fran for Posting your outcome.
A lot of folks were hoping for a resolution.
& Stay Safe
.....Bob Lavery
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Originally Posted by whmitty View Post
Although I use the Fein I agree with you regarding the SoniCrafter bang/buck factor. It seems to be the only other oscillating tool that has the same amp/wattage rating (~2 amps or 250 watts) as the Fein. If you can live with the hex wrench/heat/occasional blade loosening issues then it is a great deal. Truth be told, my experience with continued blade loosening while using the SoniCrafter was likely due to over aggressive use of the tool. After heavy use of the Fein MultiMaster I learned that it's best to let it do the work rather than muscling it around.
I've used mine a bunch of times and still haven't seen the blade loosening. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones!

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tighten that sucker down

Originally Posted by TrafficCopSmith View Post
I've used mine a bunch of times and still haven't seen the blade loosening. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones!
It is made from good hardened steel. it will take it. I believe the heat doesn't come from the motor so much as from the friction on the blades being transfered
through the metal gear housing to the tool. I am using mine during a floor to sealing kitchen remodel and am very pleased with it.
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I am a professional handyman and I own the Sonicrafter. My partner owns the Fein. The only big difference between the 2 is the Fein has a better blade attachment system. The Sonicrafter has a hex head bolt and washer which is a little slow when changing blades, but not that big a deaL The Dremel is clearly a lighter duty tool and not recommended for contractor use, but should be fine for DIY projects at home. For my money the Sonicrafter is a better deal than the Fein. Lowes now carries the Sonicrafter and extra blades so it's very easy to get replacements now. Hope this helps.
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I purchased a dremel at a discount, burned out the motor, sent it back, got a new one in return (to their credit), while it was being fixed, bought a sonicrafter, never looked back!
I've tried a friend's Fein but am turned off by the price
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FWIW department: I recently had a use for the sanding pad for my Dremel MultiMaster tool. It lasted exactly three sanding sheet peices before the rubber part of the sanding pad started to come apart. So, I hit the local Blue store to buy a new one--NOT. The do not sell these, the Blue stores do not even have them in their computers as a part. Of course I go across the street to the Orange store and get the same story. I contact Dremel, only to find out that Bosch owns Dremel. I contact Bosch and get a nice reply to my e-mail stating that is this a "light duty" sanding pad and that I probably was putting too much pressure on it. Probably? Most likely was, but certainly was not digging in. Bosch/Dremel supplied me the part number for either store to order replacement sanding pad(s). I go to order at the Blue store and they are $12+ there, I go to check at the Orange store and they are $4.56 each there. What gives? I did order from the Orange store, then take the sales receipt over to the Blue store and show them. They make a phone call and tell me they can order them and meet the Orange stores pricing. So, I order two more. Now I will have four replacement pads for the first quoted price of the two at the Blue store. The Blue store's tool world sales person tells me that he had one person, who owns a tile store, come in wanting to buy ten (10) of these. So why don't they stock them? Also: I have not had the screw in my Dremel tool come loose--yet.
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Any opinions of the Bosch Multi-X?


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