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c-low 12-13-2012 10:34 PM

Milwaukee M12 vs. Bosch 12V Max for DIY
I'm new to the forum and was hoping I could get some guidance on picking a 12 volt system for DIY. I had a Hitachi set (drill/circular saw/recip saw) that batteries died and it seems more cost effective to invest in new tools. I've settled on 12 volt as I'm looking for repairs, small projects, and tinkering around the house. The tools that I'd like to pick up are a drill/driver, impact driver, recip, and possibly oscillating tool (down the road).

HD has Milwaukee and the folks there swear by them while the folks at Lowes swear by Bosch. Both systems appear great and more than enough for my needs but which is better? Milwaukee has a 5-year warranty (I'm not going to be pounding on the tools) so might not be necessary but good piece of mind. The Bosch seems lighter and feels a little better in my hand.

I think I'm over thinking it and leaning towards Milwaukee but any input would be appreciated.

toolaholic 12-14-2012 12:22 AM

I have the bosch 12 volt system. I have the flashlght, angle head screwdriver, drill/ driver and oscillating tool. Works really well. The oscillating tool eats up batteries every 5 minutes. Because of the short battery runtime I bought a corded Fein multi master. Oh and it's the oscillating tool that is power hungry the rest of the tools have decent runtime.

itguy08 12-14-2012 07:59 AM

I'm also a DIY'er and am firmly in the Milwaukee camp. I've got the M12 impact driver, hammerdrill, multitool, right angle drill, and 3/8 ratchet. Love them all as they just feel right in my hands. That's the most important thing - how they feel in your hands. I also think the depth of the M12 system can't be beat - they have something for just about everything.

Don't know too much about the Bosch but I do hear they are good as well. Their system lacks the "depth" of the M12 but if you don't need those tools, that is not really a concern.

bpm 12-14-2012 09:33 AM

I have the Bosch 12v drill/driver at home, and I use the Milwaukee 12v stuff occassionally at work. I think you really can't go wrong with either. They are both great tools and I would go whichever you can get for the best price.

Having said that, I would seriously consider an 18v system. I also have the Bosch 18v set (drill/driver and impact driver) and I rarely pick up the 12v anymore. The 18v sets these days are way smaller and lighter than the older 18v Ni-Cads. They aren't particularly heavy and are very comfortable to use. And when you need that extra power, you'll be really happy that you have it.

woodworkbykirk 12-14-2012 02:31 PM

the bosch 12v line is just as good if not better than the milwaukee tools in my experience.. the batteries are more reliable also..

the core tools they both offer are pretty much the exact same.. the extra tools milwaukee has are geared towards professionals in specific trads such as the caulking gun for glazers, the pex cutter for plumbers and the inspection camera for plumbers, electricians and hvac guys not diyers

c-low 12-19-2012 12:20 AM

I appreciate the feedback and ended buying a set of tools (drill/impact/recip saw) in both Milwaukee and Bosch. The Milwaukee seemed like a little better deal as it included a hammer drill (never needed one) and had a longer warranty but opted for the Bosch as it felt better in my hands. I felt like I was splitting hairs looking at both sets of tools but actually taking them home made it a little easier. I'm lucky HD/Lowes are close by and their return policy made it easier to decide.

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