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hankscorpio 06-18-2009 08:15 PM

Latest purchase
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I set out to buy myself a miter saw for father's day in attempt to build my arsenal. I already have a craftsman li-ion 20v pro series set with drill, impact, circular, flashlight and 3 batteries. At first I thought about getting the saws all for that set but then realized I would probably get much more use out of a miter saw with my upcoming projects (plus saws all's are pretty easy to borrow). I also recently got a table saw at a yardsale that was a steal. Makita 10inch portable that was about 350 new for 80 bucks that the guy used once.

So I went into sears and they had a pretty standard compound miter for 100. Basic set up, no extension wings, no frills. Then they also had a 10inch sliding miter for 200. I was really only looking to spend about 100 but that sliding was tempting. While i was in the store though they had a closeout of a 10inch compound for 65!!! I couldn't pass that deal up. This was their top of the line model compound from a year or two ago. It was on clearance for 115 but because it had been on the shelf so long it was down to 65 (they had a non compound one for 85 b/c it hadn't been on the shelf as long???) I know the sliding is nice to have but for the amount of times i would use it and my budget I just couldn't justify it.

65 bucks, never used 10 inch compound with extension wings and laser track. I'm quite pleased. Still has the warranty and all that jazz. One thing I like about it is the bevel adjustment is up front with the miter adjustment, just a small convenience i like.

Pic is not mine, just an image i found online of a used one for sale

PaliBob 06-19-2009 03:36 PM

It always feels good to make a Find like that

nelsonned 06-22-2009 01:24 AM

I could use one of those right now ...nice buy.

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