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MovedTooMuch 11-19-2011 07:49 PM

Ideas for new Craftsman 19.2v Tools
Just for fun, here are some suggestions for new Craftsman 19.2v tools.

1) LED Work Light (replaces the current Fluorescent Light)

2) Stick Vac (similar to the Hoover Lynx which my wife loves)

3) Craftsman AM/FM/Aux/Weather Radio v2.0 with RUBBER flexible antenna, weather alert function, and a powered USB port for charging cell phones, iPods, and tablets in emergencies or just longer run time

4) FRS/GRMS Portable Base Station - could be used for farms, large acreages, ATV riders, camping, etc.

5) LED table lamp for camping/emergencies

6) Powered USB Hub - Run your GPS in the car, Longer talk time for your cell phone, use your tablet for longer, etc.

7) Robot shop vacuum (similar to iRobot Dirt Dog)

8) Baby Monitor/Wireless Camera - Watch the baby or whatever else, one battery for the camera and another for the monitor, very portable!

Any other ideas? Sears is crazy for not using the 19.2v battery in more stuff.

itguy08 11-23-2011 09:14 PM

I'm trying to figure what they are doing with the line. Some of the older tools are not available any more (Stapler, caulk gun, buffer, fan, etc.) and they are missing key things like oscillating tools, angle grinders, paint sprayer, etc. It's a shame since they are basically Ryobi One tools (both are made by TTI) so you would think there would be some "Cross breeding".

I love my 19.2v tools but if I had to do it over again I think I would go Milwaukee 18v, Makita, or maybe even Ryobi.

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