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How to read the angles on this General Angle Protractor

Okay, I picked up this General Inside/outside angle, sloped protractor and am having a few issues figuring out how to use it properly and the directions are not helping at all.

I can figure out reading the major angle marks no problem, like the degrees in 10's, depending on which side I am measuring.

However, I am not sure how to measure fine angles, like 91.2 or 89.7, etc. I do not know what the little lines of measure represent, or what a vernier is.

I mean, the math is not such a big deal - I am fairly good at math and have a 4 year degree in which I had to take calculus, but it is just a problem with figuring the tool out.

Then, once I do find the proper angle, how to I translate that to a miter + bevel cut because the fence on my mitre saw is not tall enough so I have to cut it flat (though I am using flipface crown, so that will be helpful).

Seems like a very useful all in 1 tool so long as it is accurate (to be determined) and I actually figure out how to use it! Thanks.



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Degrees can be subdivided into degrees, min. and seconds. For what your doing your using the wrong saw and in my opion the wrong protractor.
I use one of these simple tools that tells me to within 1/2 a deg. what angle to set on the saw for a single cut or a double cut.

Then I use one of these to hold the piece while it's being cut.
By using the two tools any first time diy can cut crown.
It still does need to be cut up side down, but by just looking at the pictures on the Bench Dog jig it makes it simple to figure out how to set the saw.

What type saw are you trying to use that has that low a fence?


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