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patriox 02-03-2012 05:04 AM

DIY tools for wall cabinet and floor tiling

i am starting on the job for installing a new set of wall cabinet and floor tiling. It is not an easy job for me. After studying from the internet, i think a laser level or a line laser would be helpful to my jobs.

I learned some basic info of the laser level from videos of ehow.

It is not very difficult to DIY simple one by myself. And i am very interested in a green one which is much bright for the job. I googled some sources as following

any suggestion would be appreciated.


oh'mike 02-03-2012 06:20 AM

Save your money---buy a good 4 foot lever--use a ledger for the uppers

and don't place link to ads in you posts

MNsawyergp 02-03-2012 10:46 AM

I would agree about the 4' level, except I would include an 18" level, and door hanger's level or 6'. I am using all of them continuously as I install cabinets. Before you even touch a cabinet, go around the room with the long level and check the walls vertically and in the middle-horizontally for wavyness. This will tell you what kind of nightmare you are facing. A laser won't do that. I also lay the level on the floor in several directions all along where the cabinets go to find out how many inches of shims or cutting off the toe-kicks I will have to do and where to start installing the base cabinets. It wouldn't hurt to check the ceilings as well...and while you are at it, use a square and the long levels to check any corners to see if they are 90 degrees. If they aren't make sure you have a bottle of excedrin or other "sedative" along. All of these nuances become perfectly clear with 3 levels, that still won't show up with a laser.

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