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rgmetro 07-30-2007 02:17 PM

Dewalt 18V 16G Nailers
Itching to get one of the cordless nailers. Anybody know why there would be a big price difference (about $100) b/w the straight nailer (DC616K) and the angled nailer (DC618K) and how long these things have been around.

i don't mind waiting or Li-ion (i recently got the makita drill and impact driver) but i don't feel like waiting a year.

also, if anyone has any thoughts on straight vs. angled, please let me know.

i have an aircompressor and PC nailers (16G, 18G, stapler) but am becoming too lazy to break out the party to drive in a few nails. with little kids around, i have to clean up everything and set everything back up again if the project takes me more than a day.


MinConst 07-30-2007 08:20 PM

No idea why the price difference. When I bought mine they were the same straight vs angled. I opted for the angled as it gets into tighter spots like baseboards, cove etc. One problem I seem to have is nails. Dewalts never give me trouble but passloads also fit and seem to jamb more often. Dewalt nails are hard to find around my area.

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