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carl1864 09-10-2010 06:43 PM

Desperately need a bigger better thatch rake
Why is it that all thatch rakes seem to be about 15-16 inches max? I need to thatch to get rid of moss, and also a thatch rake is the only rake I've found to effectively rake the pine needles I have. But 15 inches is just way way too small. Sure a 15 inch might be good for frail old ladies who garden, but wheres the rake for a strong man who can handle it? I can't find them anywhere.

I'm not trying to say I'm a big tuff guy or anything, but I'm plenty strong, and judging by how little effort it takes to thatch with a 16 incher, I'm confident that I could easily handle a 3 or 4 foot thatch rake. Which is much more along the lines of an ideal size for hauling ass and getting the job done fast.

I know they have big expensive motorized dethatchers, but I simply don't want one. All I want is a good thatch rake to store in the toolshed and use when needed, a 3 or 4 footer would be ideal. I can't possibly be the only guy who wants a bigger thatch rake.

Red Squirrel 09-10-2010 11:23 PM

You just gave me an idea.

Buy two identical rakes, hook them up together somehow, to one handle. In fact you could buy 3, so one of them overlaps for better results.

carl1864 09-12-2010 11:50 PM

Red Squirrel. That is an idea that has definetly crossed my mind, to buy about 3 thatch rakes and weld them together, but only problem is with the cost of thatch rakes it will be a bit pricey, about $100 and I just don't think it would be too structurally secure, or last very long since they aren't designed with that sort of reinforcement. $100 is quite a bit to spend for something I think might break. I'm thinking about making one myself, but cutting all those blades for it would be a ton of work, without being able to just punch them out like the factory does. I mean tin snips have trouble cutting that thick of metal and warp it, a blowtorch would be too sloppy, and a grinder would take absolutely forever.

I just don't see why these rakes don't exist all over the market. How can I be the only one who wants one?

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