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plzhelpbuild 02-11-2011 01:58 AM

decent air regulator reccomendations for HF compressor and nailgun . also how to conn
Sorry for my absolute lack of any expertise on the subject I purchased a compressor and a nail gun from harbor freight recently both are made by central pneumatic nail gun model 98751* compressor model 67847

I also picked up this after reading both manuals it looks like i will need an air regulator that has a water trap/separator.

I don't mind putting pneumatic oil in the nail gun to keep it working so i'm not too keen on buying an air regulator that has an oiler (even thought it looks like most air regulator are built with a water trap and oiler.) I also see an air regulator that has an oiler and a water trap/separator as just one more thing that could leak air.

Furthermore all the air regulator from harbor freight have horrible user ratings... so i'm trying to shy away from HF's air regulator even though I got my nailgun and compressor from them heh.

Can anyone recommend a quality brand air regulator that has a water separator/filter/trap ?

Or if its smarter to just get an air regulator that has both the oiler and water separator that is fine. this one looks good. and I'm guessing it will do the job I'm really doubting i have to spend the $162 for this pricey air regulator

My second question has to deal with attaching the new air regulator to the compressor I need to remove the cheap air regulator that came with the compressor seen here on the right

But I'm not sure what size wrench i'll need for this bolt / fitting or whatever its called seen here I'm not even sure if i need to disconnect that bolt to remove the cheap air regulator that came with the HF compressor?

Here is another view of the bolt that i believe needs to be removed for the new air regulator. I tried to loosen that bolt with my adjustable wrench but it is quite a tight squeeze to get the wrench in there and it wouldn't budge...

Any clue on what size wrench would work in the manual it just refers to that part as the "connector" If anyone can recommend an air regulator, and give me some basic instructions on how to remove the current cheap air regulator and install a new air regulator with a water trap / oiler I would truly appreciate it.

EDIT: Added spaces--oh'mike--moderator

londeed_leung 02-11-2011 03:30 AM

:eek: I don't understand what you say.

plzhelpbuild 02-11-2011 03:33 AM

I basically need someone to recommend a decent air regulator. and then I need to figure out how to remove the air regulator that came with the compressor. my post looks better here because it was not reformated

oh'mike 02-11-2011 05:29 AM

Welcome to the forum----The enter key add spaces to your text---making it easier to read.

I have edited your post and added some spaces.

See if Campbell Hausfield has the regulator that you need---I've owned many of their compressors and the make a nice unit at a fair price---parts hold up well.--Mike--

oh'mike 02-11-2011 05:36 AM

For a store that sells regulators and water separators--Look for a automotive paint supplier---

---Auto parts store-----

----industrial supplier---

---compressor repair shop----

I like a separate regulator and water trap----if one fails the other is still good---Depot used to stock replacement regulators---haven't needed one in a long time.

plzhelpbuild 02-11-2011 06:07 AM

thank you sir. after googling those three terms i will try calling some local compressor repair shops 1st thing tomorrow!

if I don't have any luck there; I will probably look for one of the cambell hausfeld filter/regulator mentioned in the previous post at home depot but i'll call before i drive.

I'm a bit worried about how to attach the new air regulator.

I do need to remove what the manual calls the "output pressure guage" please take a look at the image and notice how the current air regulator which just has a guage is connected almost directly to the tank pressure guage to remove this current output guage to attach the new cambell hausfeld air regulator i would need to unscrew this wow i don't know what this keeps reformatting my text :(

oh'mike 02-11-2011 06:36 AM

Don't feel bad about the computer---yesterday one of my post lost all of its spaces----might be a hiccup in the program.

I've got to get to work,soon. I'll look at the pictures later---there are two(at least) compressor gurus here---you might be lucky and one will check this out for you.---Mike--

itguy08 02-11-2011 06:38 AM

You already have a regulator - it's attached to the compressor. It's not a fine adjustment but I've been using the built in one on my compressor for years.

For the air filter, what I did was remove the quick connect fitting and get an air filter - like this:

Has been working well for years.

DexterII 02-11-2011 07:52 AM

I have a quick coupler on each of my compressors, quick couples and nipples on each of my hoses, and for use with my nailers, a quick coupler and nipple on a small piggy back filter/regulator. For transport, the filter/regulator goes in a tool pouch, but when ready to use, I plug the filter/regulator into the air compressor, then the hose, and finally the nailer. Mike has already listed the exact places that I would recommend in regard to purchasing what you need. I oil the appropriate nailer, each time I use them, and through the day as necessary, at the nailer, not through a lubricator. I do not use a lubricator for two reasons. First of all, how much oil actually reaches the tool after traveling through 50' or more of hose? In my mind, a lot of it ends up in the hose rather than in the nailer. Secondly, what do you do when you want to use a finish nailer, and don't want oil? Again, in my opinion, the hose already has oil in it. Do you have two sets of hoses, one that you use with a lubricator, and one that you don't? Much simpler, and IMO, efficient, to oil the nailer.

plzhelpbuild 02-11-2011 02:26 PM

thanks again I'm not sure if this husky will work as the nail gun is using 1/4" tubing & the husky is using 3/8" I'm still a bit confused about how where the water filter sits and how it is supported. Will I be able to hang/hook/connect the water filter directly to the quick coupler on the end of the air regulator on my compressor then i hook the pneumatic hose up to the water filter, and then the hose to the nail gun ?

oh'mike 02-11-2011 07:18 PM

Exactly---make up a water filter and a regulator (if yours is not accurate enough) that can be plugged in before the hose---

We use a separate regulator like that when working in a factory that has compressed air outlets ==the pressure at the outlets is usually to high for out tools--so we plug in our own regulator.

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