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Shuriko 07-16-2012 09:02 AM

Craftsmand Compressor: Sputtering
So I recently purchased a new Craftsman 7 gallon compressor for light duty work. When the reservoir pressure drops to 95 psi the compressor is supposed to kick back on increasing the pressure to 125 psi before it cuts out. When blowing sawdust as the pressure drops you can hear the compressor sputter for a few seconds and then it cuts out. It repeats this over and over again (sputter then cuts out). The compressor doesn't start up. Shut to off position, unplug, re-plug, shift to on position then the compressor charges back up. Any idea?

Since it is a recent purchase I am going to return it, but it would be good information if I am doing something wrong or the unit is flawed.


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