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elementx440 02-26-2007 08:41 PM

compressor does start after shutoff
I have a generic compressor. It runs great, fills up to 80psi or so and the safety turns it off like it should.

when the pressure goes back down, the motor engages, does not ever get going, you can hear a hum, then the GFI trips. If I let the pressure go down to 40psi or so, it will come back up and work fine.

It's wired on 120, perhaps it will be better on 240?

BusTech 02-27-2007 06:30 AM

One thing that comes to mind is make sure that the circuit that you have the compressor plugged into can handle the amperage of your motor. I run my old Craftsman direct drive unit on it's own 20 amp circuit in my shop. I used it on a job one time where there was only a 15 amp available and it ran a few other things off the same branch. Once the compressor had pressure in it, it wouldn't restart either.
Another thing to check is the pressure relief valve. Most all compressors have a relief of some sort that you can hear blow off when the unit reaches max pressure and shuts down. If that's not happening, then the compressor unit itself has pressure against the piston at all times and not allowing the motor to "kick start" before building pressure.
Hope this helps....

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