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Andee77 07-10-2012 07:47 PM

Choosing Power Washer for general home use
I have purchased $200 electrical power washer from Lowes today.

Greenworks 1700psi 1.4gpm recommended by staff at Lowes for mild to moderate work needs.

After purchasing this machine, I received a flyer from Ace hardware weekly special. They had AR Blue clean 1 1/2 1600psi, 1.58gpm sale at $69.99.

I am not specialist and not sure what is the difference between too.
But definitely, I want that has power enough to clean up drive way and some of work need for home.

Last year, I did buy Karcher 1500psi and it was disappointing because it was almost like regular hose washing.

I am 5feet petite person and don't have a lot of strength to carry heavy machinery to clean around house. But I want good quality do it yourself product.

Are both products listed above comparable in power to good job cleaning drive way? We have a lot of moss all over and it looks clean from distance, but it need good cleaning to get rid of these moss out from surface.

Pls help to choose best product for the money.
I am willing to spend money, if quality is built in with $200 Lowes product.
But reading specification, seems Ace is just as good too at lower price.

Need help choosing one right machine for my needs.

Gymschu 07-10-2012 08:58 PM

I'm a painter who uses a pressure washer as prep for new paint so I am not an expert on pressure washers, but, I do know a bit about them. Usually the electric models have less power than a gas model. I usually buy a lightweight unit every 3 or 4 years.........something I can unload from my truck by myself. The last two I bought were Troy-bilt 2800 psi gas pw's. They have enough power to clean a driveway although it will take you longer compared to the time saved with larger pumps/larger machines. I find that if I get something over 3000 psi that the machine is heavier and more cumbersome to handle for one person and there's a chance of damaging what you are cleaning with the higher psi. If you only use a pressure washer occasionally, you may want to think about renting rather than buying.

beenthere 07-11-2012 04:42 AM

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